The Crystal Diet | Lose Weight, Eat What You Love


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Looking for a way to shed some pounds? Simply try adding some crystal powder to your next meal for some super weight loss and delicious eating! According to recent studies, adding crystal powder to your food helps boost the flavor of what you eat and therefore surpresses your apetite! I’m not sure if I buy the whole idea, but I do know if I ate cookie and it tasted twice as good, I might be able to eat only half! The idea is that your senses kick in full stop, and while you eat, you smell and taste the food much more than you normally would. I am more into the natural way of doing things, but this I have to admit, sounds interesting!

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15 Responses to “The Crystal Diet | Lose Weight, Eat What You Love”

  1. 1 Tanya

    I have to agree with you on this one! There is no better way than losing weight naturally, i.e. controlling portion sizes, eating healthy. All the quick weight loss methods are merely gimmicks! I’ve lost 15 kilos in the last 2 years, and tried every single diet before that! Never worked! It was so temporary and the weight came back on twice as fast!

  2. 2 Bea

    Hi Huda,

    I want to ask for your advice on something; STRETCH MARKS!!
    I mean i know there are many solutions for so many different skin problems, but why not stretch marks?
    I was just wondering if you know anything that could help..

    Thank you 🙂


    • 3 F

      Try Bio Oil or natural cocoa butter. My mom used Bio-Oil and Cocoa butter alternatively and it actually worked, its like she never had them. Cocoa butter is also a great natural alternative although you have to use it religiously for a while for it to work. Cocoa butter in general is great for keeping skin moisturized, looking and feeling great. Try it out!

      • 4 Bea

        Thank you for the advice,, I’m already using the Cocoa butter, but I’ll definitely try the Bio Oil.
        Thanks again 🙂

  3. 5 Anji

    hudaaaaaaaaaa… i luuurrvee ur blog… n i lurrrrveee uuuu… hugsss
    huda can u temme wat crystals are these?? sugar crystals??

  4. 6 Cecilia

    Hi huda!! I’ also want to know if you know something or what’s the best cream to treat stretch mark!!! Thank u and keep up the good work your amazing!!!

  5. 7 Alya

    Really!!! Does this work? Very interesting!! Where can I get these crystals?

  6. 8 LouLoua ALkanawati

    Hello Huda,

    Would like to tell you that you are amazing with everything you post and am really getting so many ideas from you dear.

    I would appreciate if I could have more ideas about face skin care

    keep up the great work I always look forward for your next posts…


  7. 9 Shivani

    Hi Huda,

    Yes Stretch marks, but maybe a natural remedy..
    I have tried all those creams and non of them really work..
    Btw, I NEVER miss a post, I’ve read them all! Love it !


  8. 10 sadu

    plsssssssss Huda..du tell us about stretch marks…as i am unmarried…and have got lotss of stretch marks on my body!!!:( any remedy!!!!!?????

  9. 11 saduu

    plsssssssss Huda..du tell us about stretch marks…as i am unmarried…and have got lotss of stretch marks on my body!!!:( any remedy!!!!!????? i heard about aloe vera gel…!!!is it helpful??

  10. Thanks Huda for great blog!! 🙂 i love u

  11. Thank you so much Huda. I luv u

  12. 14 Tanya

    Where can we buy crystal powder from?

  13. I was looking for such information. Thank you!

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