Should I Get Breast Implants?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It always amazes me at how many women email me asking me about breast implants. I have no doubt that nearly every women, no matter what shape and size breast, has considered breast implants at one point of her life. After all, they promise perfection–symmetrical, perfect, lifted, round breast–so they say. While I know many women who have had breast implants and have been very happy with them, there are many dangers that should be taken into consideration before heading into the operating room. I’m not saying breast implants are bad, no. But it is crucial to make sure you understand the complications that may arise due to things you, the doctor, and everyone involved may have no control over. Things like leaks, hardening, breast deformities, are things that need to be stressed with your doctor on why these things happen and how to avoid them. It’s always a good idea to speak to someone who has experience and let them help you throughout the process!

Here is an interesting article about a women who went through the procedure and her experience! The Big Bust

image credits vogue


5 Responses to “Should I Get Breast Implants?”

  1. 1 Q8tahani

    I don’t think it’s to have the implants becouse nothing worth the complication
    Why would I go through it just love ur self the way r
    A grl ahould Spend the operation money in therapy to learn how to love her self

  2. 2 Anji

    This is a really shockin video posted by one of ma facebook friends… Donno how far this is true… But def being warned before hand is gud..

  3. 3 Mais

    I think I’m one of those very few girls who are happy and satisfied with what nature gave them!!
    During my teenage years my problem was the other way round, I was conscious about them being large and I wanted a surgery to reduce the size then! (what was I thinking, seriously!!) 😀 well you know teenagers insecurities! 🙂

    but for those who are not happy and want a larger size; as you mentioned breast implants are not 100% should really think carefully if the risk is worth it!

  4. 4 Alya

    Great post!!! Please post more about plastic surgery since it seems like just about everyone is doing it these days!!! We are a nation that is obsessed with beauty!!! I love the video you did on how to fake a nose job!!!

  5. 5 FadyKataya

    you are so right about that! plastic surgeries are dangerous check out this social awareness campaign about plastic surgery…lastic-surgery/

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