Laptops Decrease Fertility?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems we live in a radio-active-age where every small little wave of heat, has a paramount effect on our healthy long term. Well, laptops seem to have joined the list of things that inhibit the ability for men to have children. According to recent studies, frequent use of laptops on laps or knees of men, can change the temperature of a guys body and cause damage to sperm.  I am not sure how much I buy into this theory, after all, scientist do seem to change their mind a little too often! I do, HOWEVER, believe it’s best to be safe! Especially if you are considering children! By no means should you toss your laptop for a desk computer, but it is important to limit the use of laptops in the areas close to the pelvic.

source dailymail
image credits thingyoushouldread


One Response to “Laptops Decrease Fertility?”

  1. 1 Mais

    well, better safe than sorry i guess!
    in fact i read the same about mobile phones too! Guys should avoid putting the mobile on their laps (I see many of them do when driving) they should also avoid putting the mobile in their pockets, specially the shirt pocket because it’s close to the heart and it affects the heartbeat..
    which gives me another reason to love being a girl..see how useful handbags are 😀

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