Celebrity Before & After Part 3


It’s about that time again! Oh yes, we love to see celebs throughout their transformations and exactly how they looked before they became so darn beautiful (for most of them)!  As requested, here are some of Hollywoods hottest celebs and their before photos!

(above: Megan Fox)


Lady GaGa before Billy B’s brilliant touch

Katy Perry

Lil Kim throughout her stages


7 Responses to “Celebrity Before & After Part 3”

  1. 1 Alya

    Love posts like these!!! Thanks for bringing more awareness to this trend but can you do a post on bad cosmetic procedures? Cosmetic surgery went bad!!! These celebs look better and this might make more people want surgery!! WOW, can’t believe what little Kim has done to her self!!! She looks so bad, she went a little too far!!! There are uglier pics of her!!!

  2. 2 fatamy

    hehe beyonce used to put make up geisha’s style

  3. 3 aziza

    lil kim O M G Oo

  4. 4 Rema

    I love Megan Fox before and after!! Shes gorgeous!

  5. 5 Sarah

    hahahah omg!! they all freakin suck before!! expt maybe for katty perry!!
    megan foxx isnt bad before but when u compare her to now she kinda is!!
    wat a shocker!! :p

  6. 6 sahar

    …..OMFG they look so efin gawjuzz love ya babez…..<3

  7. 7 sahar

    wow i cant believe it ues look awsome

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