A Look for Snooks


By Huda Heidi Kattan

In the wonderful world of Hollywood, anyone can look gorgeous! Lately one of the Reality World’s newest but most talked about additions has been looking, well, quite gorgeous! Nicole Polizzi, AKA “Snooki” has made some great changes to her look! Her makeup has seriously improved, her eyebrows look great and she got rid of that poof that may have made her look about 5 inches taller, but was sooo 2003! I have to say, Snooks is starting to look more classy! What do you guys think? Who knows, maybe she’ll stop over tanning!

image credits zimbio


6 Responses to “A Look for Snooks”

  1. She looks much better!!!

  2. 2 Q8tahani

    Wow she actully looks good

  3. 3 Thaj

    Surprisingly she looks really good and I love her eye make up! Not with the red lip, but still gorgeous!

  4. 4 Renren

    She looks awkward…..and i’m not a fan of the poof or the tan, but her face is prettier in the “before” pic…..
    her FACE…not her overall look. but this forced glamour looks….awkward. La, she looks awkward or uncomfortable in it, 9a7?

  5. 5 heidi

    I am sorry bit I think she looks like a 50 yr old Filipino,her make up is too heavy..I prefer the more natural snooki

  6. 6 shoosh

    she is still hideous!

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