Kimmy’s Transformation


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Kim Kardashian may be none for her curvy figure, but she’s also known for her killer looks. Has the self-proclaimed “Armenian Princess” always been a show stopper? You be the judge! Here are Kimmy K’s looks throughout her Paparazzi days! What a transformation!


8 Responses to “Kimmy’s Transformation”

  1. 1 Thaj

    I think her face was way more gorgeous before.. but her killer curves look fantastic now!!!

  2. 2 Renren

    her make up is different for one…her eyes look smaller and more slanted upwards at the outer corners and her cheeks are bigger….am i right?

  3. She has lost a bit of weight since the 1st series of KUWK, so her face has changed…
    I think she is beautiful throughout the transformation, plus her make up routine changing is a huge contributor 🙂
    Love my fellow Armenian Princess Kimmy ❤
    I made a post just like this last month on my blog haha, people wonder about her a lot x

  4. I don’t think that she was that pretty when she first came out. She started looking much better after she changed her makeup and style. But I think she is starting to look a little to fake. I agree with Renren about her eyes looking slanted look like from too much botox.

  5. 5 aziza

    I much prefer her without all the surgeries and botox, her nose looks to small and plastic now , before she looked more natural… I dnt get it why did she even need to get botox and nose job :s

  6. 6 Cecilia

    The shape of her eyebrows are so different!!! She is gorgeous!!!

  7. 7 Nudy

    Her features look much sharper now. I cant seem to figure out what she has changed other than her makeup style. But definately something has changed about her.

  8. 8 Sarah

    I think she looks much better now!! although a bit fake like some said! but way hotter and more stylish than before!! the only thing I dont like is that she tries to copy J LO a lot and she never admits she got work done!!!! I think shes really pretty but she sometimes looks like a tranny when she puts too much makeup (the pic in white dress with black dots) Not my style in beauty but no one can deny she is beauftiful and very chic!

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