Taylor’s New Look


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I have no idea what made Taylor Swift trade in her typically southern look for a new city chic look, but I am LOVING it!!! Having spent my childhood in the south, her usual style is very much a southern belle look!  The new look, although it looks as though it’s a wig, is HOT!!! The bangs look great on her, especially since they cover her brows, which in my opinion, don’t do too much for her face. I also love the fact that she toned the lipstick down, even though red is gorgeous on her! This look is soooo a keeper!!! What do you guys think?!! Are you feeling Taylor’s New Look?

image credits zimbio


13 Responses to “Taylor’s New Look”

  1. Wow! What a huge change, she looks so different! Reminds me of a blonde Angelina Jolie.

    • TOTALLY!!! She looks just Angelina! Great observation darling!!

  2. 3 Zaynab

    I am in LOVE with her new look. She’s GORGEOUS!

  3. 4 Weaam

    Her new look is great but she looks just like anybody else in that look. Her older look is more unique.

  4. 5 Mais

    i lke her new look..loved the hair though i prefer if its 1 shade darker..

  5. She looks good sporting a curly or straight do! Her curly hair makes her look sweet whereas her straight hair makes her look a little naughty! It is nice for a change!

  6. 7 Sarah

    OMG she looks amazing!! i agree with everything u said btw.. never noticed her eyebrows until u mentioned it!! spot on.. maybe thats why she looks better.. cuz they are covered.. anyways nice post like always!

    • 8 lu

      what about the eyebrows??

  7. i loved loved loved her look !
    i was amazed !
    like : is this taylor swift !??????????

    even my hubby said she looked like someone else !

    but i dont think she’ll stick to this look , sooooon she’ll b back to that old boring look :S

    thnx huda :*

  8. 10 Bess

    Love the color , she’s so class like this i have a préférence for the second photo with the dark eyes waw

    • 11 lu

      which photo r u talkin about??

  9. 12 Rema

    I like her old look better! Its unique and classy!

  10. 13 lu

    the new look is a WIG,and for me its elegant,quite french style n classy.thumbs up

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