RiRi HAUTE in Interview


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Kanye West may be interviewing Rihanna for Interview Magazine, but the only thing I am really paying attention to is how smokin hot she looks in the spread! Shot by photographer Mikael Jansson, RiRi’s magazine shoot is trip back to the 70’s. Of course her firey red hair and gorgeous caramel skin take the photos to whole new level of hotness, but the photographer as well as entire team did a kick ass job! What do you guys think?

image credits theprophetblog


4 Responses to “RiRi HAUTE in Interview”

  1. 1 Mai

    Wow! Amazing photoshoot mashalla! She looks fierce!

  2. She looks good!!!

  3. 3 Lama

    wow what a charismatic woman! i love her looks and how wild and corageaous she is!
    she is a fashion IDLE! i have some fat around my knees although i do dancing lessons twice and treadmill everyday…

    HUDA YOU ROCK… you make beauty seem to close to applying(K)

  4. 4 Sarah

    Rihanna is soooooooo stunning and the spread is off the hook..
    but i wish u have attached a photo of her body with no photoshop to see the difference cuz they changed her body 180 degrees!! thats the only thing I dont like cuz i think they made her way thinner than she really is.. don’t get me wrong but it just doesn’t seem like Rihanna u know?

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