Hot or Not | JLo’s New Brows


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I still remember to this day, sitting in marketing class with my BFF and staring a picture of JLo in Life & Style Magazine in aw of her perfect brows. I would literally look to her for brow trends! She always had the best when it came to makeup (she’s still got it!). When I saw these recent photos of her at a Khol’s Press Conference with her hubby, I wasn’t so sure I was into her new brows, but what do you guys think?

Check out some of my fav pics of Jlo!!!


18 Responses to “Hot or Not | JLo’s New Brows”

  1. dislike.

  2. they are nice actually 🙂 she looks more laaaattiiiiiina!! hahaah

    • Areeeba!! 🙂 Xxxxxx

  3. 4 Alia

    Thick brows = make us look young
    thin brows = add age

    Easy! 😉

  4. 5 Ilse

    I think they make her look A LOT older and don’t compliment her eyes that much anymore. In my opinion, her brows looked perfect on the cover of her single “Waiting for Tonight” back in ’99 🙂

  5. 6 Enass Hamad

    Ohhh I dislike..
    they dont fit wz her small eyes.. ‘

    it gave me the feeling that she is trying to look more like beyonce (along wz the hair style)

  6. 7 Sarah

    Both look good!! I think its not a big deal she can always make them thicker with makeup!

  7. 8 shaikha

    i think thin brow for her face better.. but sometimes everybody like to change

  8. 9 Mais

    I like both, thick ones make her look a bit more innocent and young

  9. 10 Nuria

    hahahah, yes, arabe or latina!
    anyway, she looks younger, I like it!

  10. 11 B

    I want to comment on her eyebrows but all I can see is her hair-it looks SO DRY 😦 The thinner eyebrows do look better though

  11. lol i feel dumb asking which are her new brows? the thick or thin ones? jlo has always been an inspiration to me she has such a unique style! im tryn to grow out my brows actually i love your brows!

    • You’re too cute baby! Her thick ones, they are the new ones? What do you think? I totally agree!! I loooove her!! 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for all of your kind comments darling!!! 🙂 They really mean sooo much!!! Xxxxxxx

  12. I like them, I never noticed her brows before and thought that they were nice but now I think that they were a little thin and I like her thicker brows.

  13. 15 Queen S

    I think the thinner new brows make her look very European as opposed to Latina…I prefer the older thicker eyebrows she had!

  14. 16 LICHITA


  15. 17 Renren

    i like! she looks younger!

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