Late Night Jeggings


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This is way too funny, I had to share this with you guys!!! 🙂 According to Late Night Host Conan O’Brien, he loooves Jeggings so much that after Tim Gunn guest starred on his show, the very next day, Mr. CoCo decided to show us just how much he loved his Jeggings!

“I want to say this on the air, I love it when the ladies wear jeggings! I’m obsessed with jeggings! I love jeggings… not on the fellas…”

source and image
credits stylist


4 Responses to “Late Night Jeggings”

  1. 1 fatamy

    omg thats disturbing :p but i love conan o

  2. 2 Atia


  3. hahaha!!!! He is soooooooooooo weird!! What a freak!!!

  4. 4 portalpr

    Skinny Jeans thumbs up for the guys… but jeggings are a huge no-no!!!

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