Tilt Your Head Gorgeous!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This explains why celebrities always do this in there red-carpet poses! Recent studies have just revealed that while looking great is essential, it’s the way you tilt your head that really adds that special “umph” to your look. According to the study released by CBS:

“The research found that female faces are judged to be more feminine and attractive when tilted forwards – slightly tipping their chins down – and less feminine when tilted backwards. The opposite was true for men.”

In my opinion, this is true in most cases, but we do have to take into consideration that such poses for women do cause our noses to look longer and sometimes bigger. I totally do this in pictures and I have always believed posing like this is quite feminine!

image credits mylot


2 Responses to “Tilt Your Head Gorgeous!”

  1. 1 Soraya

    OMG that is SO true!
    My friend always tells me when I’m about to see my crush “put your head this way, I love your face when you do that”
    true true true

  2. She is so gorgeous!!! Doing this!

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