Another Kardashian Model


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian/Kendall clan, has followed in her sister’s footsteps and is now modeling. After watching her plead with her parents on the show, it’s no surprise that the youngest sister is now posing in front of the camera! What do you guys think? Not bad for one of her first shoots! I would never know she was 13!


15 Responses to “Another Kardashian Model”

  1. Kylie is gorgeous!

  2. 2 Mai

    I love her makeup.. I see potential.. And mashalla her eyes are gorgeous!

  3. 3 Naythar

    13? Gosh, so young, i would never have guessed. She looks very pretty

  4. 4 Rema

    Love her!! The eye make up is amazing! If you have time could you do a tutorial 🙂

  5. 5 Carol

    Wow she does have gorgeous eyes!! And she’s just 18…Unbelievable!!
    I love her eye make up!! Ya hoodie…plzzzzzzz do us a tutorial dharlin!! ❤

  6. 6 Carol

    OOOoops I meant 13!! 🙂

  7. 7 LMP

    She is gorgeous , but way over done ! Rather see youngsters looking more their age , why the rush !

  8. 8 Mariam S

    She looks a lot like Khloe!

  9. 9 Zaynab

    13, Unbelievable!!! She looks Gorgeous! Love the eye makeup, could u please do a tutorial.

  10. 10 Tahani

    I hate to say this but she’s the ugliest kardashian I don’t think she look good n I don’t see a good modeling shoot she is very stef she look frozen to me I much like older sister kendle

  11. As cute as she is…she is not up to modeling standards. She might develop still in the next few years but still…cute x

  12. Oh god not another Kardashian!! haha jk..she’s cute!!! Good for her!!

  13. She has childish beauty features in her face and I think that is totally ruined by having her as a module..

    The good thing is; she is still natural wait till it becomes artificial and she’ll look at the other Kardashians..

    On a different note: PWEEEEEEEEZ HUDAAAA 7abeebty,, make a tutorial inspired by her eyes makeup.. it’s amazing,, I really loved it !!!

  14. 14 Haneen

    I was reading this post and everything was fine until i read she’s 13! Shocking. And i really agree with MYTHaifa about her going to go all artificial..its on her list i can tell you that. sad.

  15. 15 Guy

    She looks ghostly to me..eww!

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