PhotoShop in a Tube?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Photoshop night cream? Don’t we all wish! It’s truly fascinating how much photoshop is able to manipulate our appearance. The funny thing is, after seeing this photo up close it made me realize, I know some women who are very close in age to Madge, but look much younger! The reality is, most of us have many features that are better off then celebrities in Hollywood even after all the Botox, face lifts, and collagen implants!

Check out the differences in the photos! Her skin is so much more smooth, pores seem less obvious, eye color brightened, skin lightened, skin looks less saggy, overall youthful and vibrant appearance, which completely different from the right side!

image credits giopetsgraphicart,
nymag, woso


4 Responses to “PhotoShop in a Tube?”

  1. 1 Portia

    This is actually pretty shocking, Madge would look sooo much better if she put a little meat on her bones!! x

  2. 2 Farah

    Great job on the re-touching!!!! But why is the photoshop work on the left?? Doesn’t everyone think “before and after”!? The left side is over edited and the right is so close up that anyone would look like crap that close!!! Either way, for her age, she looks great!!!!

  3. 3 Lama

    i am a graphic designer and i know pretty well photoshop… it is actually quite good

    to know this info to better understand that no one is perfect and we are pretty

    being natural and by doing the simple tips you give us huda 😀 thank you huda for ur

    lovely posts


  4. 4 Rema

    This really does show us all the we shouldn’t want to look like the stars because if we take care if ourselves well look better than them! I think these pictures really do show the true hollywood stars. Thankfully for us we have huda to save us from looking like that ❤ Thanks again!

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