Tweezerman Finally Hits Dubai


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am so excited about many of the awesome brands that are coming to Dubai! Tweezerman tweezers have always been my favorite, not only because they are made with the absolute best care, but also because they have a lifetime warranty and free sharpening forever! That to me, is just world class service!! Not to mention they partner with some pretty awesome designers, like Betsey Johnson for some Tweezers that are more than just chic! They are the only ones I trust to do my brows (I also use the Tweezerman scissors)! They will be officially in Dubai on Tuesday December 14th and will be sold at Faces!! Yaay!!

image credits mamaksblog


7 Responses to “Tweezerman Finally Hits Dubai”

  1. 1 Mariam S

    Oh, yes. I love Tweezerman. I bought a pair that Tweezerman did with Laura Mercier…best grip EVER. I could swear it even pulls hair out before its fully out from under the skin. Great news.

  2. 2 Mais

    hope Faces in Abu Dhabi will sell it too 🙂

  3. They are the best tweezers!

    iv had my tweezerman for i think 5 years now ? i got from riyadh’s harvey nichols ,
    i cannnot use any other brand ! its the perfect tweezer ,
    but unfortunatly they dont sell it any more 😦
    so iv been looking for it for a while now , i have to have a spare one !
    i even looked for it in europe but didnt find it !!!!

    so its great news that it will b at dubai’s faces 😀 thaaaaanx huda u made my day !!!!

  5. 5 chica

    huda 😦

    dubai mall’s faces say they have never heard of tweezerman :s
    aaaaaaaaaaaah i need them :s

    so who should call & ask about them ??
    & do u know a faces branch that sells them FOR SURE ?

    i need them soon :s

    • Baby! They are at the Faces in Emirates Mall! Dubai Mall should get them eventually, but head to Emirates Mall! 🙂 Xxx

      • 7 chica

        yeeeeeeeeey ok im getting them soon inshalla !
        thaaaaanx thaaaanx thaaaaanx 😀 love u !

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