Cher’s Face Lift Tape?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Cher made quite the statement in London on Monday night for the premiere of Burlesque, but this time it wasn’t her unusual outfit.  While Cher has been known for her love of plastic surgery, with all the Burlesque craziness, the starlet may have been too busy to stop by her doctor’s office.  Whether she got the tip from Youtube or Google, the method was interesting! Clear tape may have helped the songstress turn back the hands of time, because she was looking pretty fresh and, well pulled back! I might have to try this one! What do you guys think? Love it or leave it?

source and image
credits huffpo


6 Responses to “Cher’s Face Lift Tape?”

  1. 1 tahani

    i love her spirit u go grl tape or not

  2. I have read this somewhere. I have never tried it but I do think it might work.

  3. 3 Kate

    She looks like a hooker in that outfit! It’s so not for her age.

  4. 4 Tata

    Love it Huda! Love it!!!! Its better than Surgery!

  5. 5 Rema

    Why not i mean its temporary whereas botox and plastic surgery are permanent.

  6. Facelift and Botox combine, a great combination to erase those remnants of aging. Though i am not against cosmetic surgery but i still believe that if you do it in moderation.

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