Too Much Hairspray?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Women will sometimes joke that they have way too much product in their hair, and sometimes I even say things like, “my hair will burst into flames if anyone lights a cigarette near me”, but of course these are simple jokes. The last thing we really think is that something like this could actually happen. Well at a party for P. Diddy one model wasn’t so lucky. Here’s a video reminding us all why we need to avoid being too close to flames or Diddy! JK


6 Responses to “Too Much Hairspray?”

  1. 1 Lama

    hahahahaha that is hilarious! yes we should take care of that thing, flamamble hair

    spray! but she had a smart reaction turning it off…. love ur posts<3

  2. 2 Rawan

    LOOL! that was waaaaaay too much.

  3. omg poor girl how embarrassing 😦 an wow i always thought it was a joke!

  4. 4 Angela

    she must have leaned back into the candle. Wow, at least she was in water. LOL

  5. 5 h

    I dont no wats worse her head burning or how the guy was just laughin like its a joke when she cudda been hurt really bad….guess that wat you get for working in that industry you will neva gain respect! sorry i no off topic

  6. OMG!!!!

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