NEW STUDY: The Truth about Beauty Marks


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems that those signature beauty marks, made famous by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford, really are “beauty” marks. Sure, they give you a timeless look, but new studies have developed saying that people with moles actually age slower, SEVEN years slower. According to studies from London’s King College, people who have moles, are able to age much slower because of the length of their telomerase in their DNA. What does that mean, it means that if you have moles, chances are, the chances of you aging or experiencing conditions that come with age (including weight gain, diabetes, hair loss, wrinkles, etc) decreases significantly! If you are mole-less, don’t panic, many things also affect aging and health, such as exposure to UV Rays, diet, and exercise. While it might be nice to have a beauty mark or two, remember, we can all age gracefully if we take care of ourselves!!

source stylist
image credits nymuseum


7 Responses to “NEW STUDY: The Truth about Beauty Marks”

  1. 1 Hind

    Wow! lol that’s cool to know.. i have one on my cheek 😛 i used to hate it and hide it

  2. 2 someone :P

    That’s weird ! i have a mole … im 15 and already have smile lines !

  3. Wohoo !
    I got 4 on my face 😛

  4. Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually have a mole, she used to draw it on.. either on her cheeks or lower lip =)

  5. Is this true? That would be great since my face is full of them!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. 6 Nouf

    I read somewhere that there should be a minimum, something like 27 or more can’t remember…..

  7. 7 Chelsea

    Hi Huda!!!

    Love it…. haah I have one!
    it’s one less thing i will have to worry about xoxo..

    Merry Christmas you diva!!!! Miss you, xoxo

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