Too Thin to Model?


By Huda Heidi Kattan
Users of Revolve Clothing were outraged when The City star, Allie Crandell, was featured looking sickly thin. The model/reality star has been known for her weight issues when Kelly Cutrone made a point to tell Crandell she needs a healthier look. Well if the Queen of Mean didn’t make a statement, Revolve Clothing definitely did! They yanked the model’s pics off of their site and said they will not be featuring her until she is at a “healthier size”. I think this is a great message to young women everywhere, and I do hope that Crandell gets all the support she needs!

image credits huffpo


14 Responses to “Too Thin to Model?”

  1. 1 lani mendia

    I think that was a great decision to pull those photos… This girl looks sick; young women already have so much pressure to be super skinny!

    • I was happy too! Especially since they said they want her to be healthy! 🙂

  2. 3 Rawan

    wow, that’s a bit much! I remember an episode at the beginning of the lastest America’s Next Top Model, and there was one model (i can’t recall her name) that was stick thin. Mr. J saw on one of her photo shoots that she was actually trying to show her rib cage and basically endorse her body. He told her straight out you’re too thin and she said that she’s trying to get even MORE thin!

    That’s a bit much for women these days, to go far beyond the limits.
    yay for normal shaped ppl :p

    • OMG! I remember that girl! The craziest thing was that she thought she was fine! I wanted to go through my TV. I was glad they eliminated her for that reason, it’s a good message for teens to know that being beautiful is more than just your body, it has to do with being healthy! Xxxx

      • 5 Rawan

        so true! I went through a phase where i THOUGHT i needed to be super skinny and stuff but i could never get through with it. I had high school friends throwing up in the bathroom and all i could think about is ew you smell funky. My mom always believed in being active and i owe it to her for staying fit 🙂
        p.s. that girl had one nasty attitude too! I’m glad she left haha

  3. 6 tara

    There’s nothing attractive or nice about these photos. Bad role model for young women. She needs to eat and be healthy. There’s a fine line between looking thin and healthy and looking thin in an anorexic manner.

    • There definitely is! I feel bad for her, but hopefully this will be a wake up call!

  4. 8 Lara

    One step closer to being anorexic. I wish bigger brands would do the same!

    • I totally agree!!!

  5. 10 fatamy

    poor thing 😦

  6. 11 Alya

    Way to thin for my taste and so glad that the pics were removed!!! I am so glad that the starving look is going out of style.

  7. 12 Hmmmmm

    I just wondered if anybody has considered the fact that she may be naturally thin? Its clear she has a small frame and maybe she doesn’t gain weight easy? Theres nothing worse than people presuming you have an eating disorder or are trying to be skinny when its just natural.

    • 13 Sarah

      I totally agree with you… I honestly feel those pix are also altered so she looks like a barbie, cuz if u google her images thats not how she looks… and I dunno even if she was suffering from anorexia.. its nothing to laugh about or say omg she needs to eat cuz its a sickness…. anyways i just find it funny how the bashing always is about skinny models, a very minor amount of ppl die of anorexia while A LOT more die from Obesity and Overweight 🙂 loool.. I honestly think shes just naturall thin.. like many others, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Keira Knightly…

  8. Definitely not a good look. At first look I thought it was a weird Barbie doll. Every time we take a baby step in putting healthy, closer-to-normal-looking models in the limelight, the rest of the industry takes 10 strides back by featuring sickly women like it’s the ideal look to go for.

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