Naomi Flips her Wig!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know we often see hair that looks perfect on celebrities, and we sometimes forget they have a little help, ok a lot of help! Recently a photo of Naomi Campbell running from paparazzi and losing her wig was a good reminder. I had heard Naomi was losing her hair, and honestly that sucks, however, I think she is beautiful enough to go bald and use wigs as needed, I think that would be better than leaving pieces of where her hair was before. What do you guys think?

image credits
cocoperez, dailymail


3 Responses to “Naomi Flips her Wig!”

  1. 1 Lama

    poor naomi:( is she sick?

  2. 2 fatamy

    its probably caused by her attitude!

  3. OMG so sad!!

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