Young and Overexposed?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

is without doubt one of my favorite magazines and yes, they are known for their controversial and sometimes slightly offensive photoshoots, but art is always intrepreted in different ways. In a recent shoot, Vogue Paris has done a series of extremely fashionable shoot with children. Now, I personally think there is nothing wrong with the photos (aside from one where the girl is lying down on the bed), most beauty pageants are worse. But what do you guys think? Is this dress-up-gone-too-far?

image credits thestudentroom


14 Responses to “Young and Overexposed?”

  1. 1 Mai

    So unnecessary really… There’s no innocence in these photos.. Kids are growing up mentally too soon

  2. 2 Tara

    Way weird, i think its quite a turn-off seeing such young children dressed as adults…and a little disturbing too!

  3. 3 Mariam S

    Wow, mashallah. Such little beauties! I’ve never felt wierd about kids modeling…as long as it’s kept age appropriate. Maybe this isn’t age appropriate, but i hope their parents made them understand it as ‘playing dress up’ and not as ‘i need make up/material things/money’ etc to be happy. I hope the parents kept their intentions innocent!!

  4. 4 Alya

    They are gorgeous!!! I think they are too young to model!!

  5. 5 elena

    ok i understand that all this was the concept of the magazine but i dont like it. it looks cheap.

  6. 6 fatamy

    they r adorable! i hope if i ever have a girl to look like them 🙂

  7. 7 Abeer

    They have taken it way too far… this is sad.
    I question the intent!

  8. 8 sahar

    i personally think this isn’t right. only because there are some sick people in the world that do not view this as art. this is a pedophile’s dream. its sad that all innocence is gone.

  9. 9 Tata

    I do not like it…now they want to enforce the issue of “fake beauty” on childeren as well? I think it is dangerous for our kids to start thinking to look like these pictures…I am so against it…

  10. 10 Portia

    some of them are actually quite beautiful but others are questionable,could possibly give off the wrong impression?! but like you said Huda, Vogue is known and loved for its controverisal content. The photography is stunning nonetheless! x

  11. 11 Holly

    I think the girls are beautiful! With that said though, I have always said that if I ever entered one of my girl’s in a beauty pageant they would NEVER where make up. I hate it that the judges choose fake beauty over natural beauty. Children should know that they are gorgeous without all the makeup. They have plenty of time to grow up. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to wear makeup and feel beautiful, but children should let their natural beauty shine while they still can.

  12. 12 Renren

    no no. not right. this leaves me with a very uneasy feeling.
    if the kids were allowed to show their youthfulness with some innocence and fun i wouldn’t mind.
    but this is the children imitating models…..and for some reason i don’t think it’s innocent at all :S

  13. 13 Mariam

    okay the girls look beautiful–but I dont think its appropriate at all! they are trying to make young girls look sexy!? i dont get the “ooo cute, young girls playing dress up!” i get more of a creepy vibe from this spread. maybe if they were laughing and playing like young girls in the pictures it would be better–but their poses and facial expression–i dont know–its not right! so ya thumbs down for me on this one!

  14. Im not a fan of making little girls up like this but looking at these pictures they look just like the adult models…… Perhaps the point was to highlight how the adults look like prepubescent kiddies I dunno. IMO both are wrong, woman shouldn’t look like kids, no shape, no curves and kids shouldn’t look like woman all dolled up.

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