My Favorite Lashes Contest!!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my darlings!! Sooo I have been beyond jet lag, but I know I promised a contest sooo here it is! I get asked a lot of questions about the lashes I use and I love them, but they simply are not available anywhere, mostly because I make them myself. I actually take usually 2 or more pairs of lashes and I stick them together, I cut them and I shave the tips to make them look really bushy and dramatic. I know it sounds like a lot, but I have been wearing false lashes for nearly 10 years now and I know good ones, so this is your chance to get my favorite lashes made by me:) I will be giving three winners a pair, so here’s all you have to do! In the comment section below, put “pick me” and if you put why you deserve them that will count as a double entry (so you get more chances to win)! Make sure you are also subscribed to the blog! Only subscribed members will win! Good luck guys! Love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! 🙂

Huda Xxxxx

Contest ends Friday, January 14th at 12:00AM GST


73 Responses to “My Favorite Lashes Contest!!!”

  1. 1 Enass Hamad

    Pick me..
    Because am crazy about them and ur blog (^^)

  2. 2 jennifer

    Pick me!!!! I have no eyelashes.. Wish I had great ones like you! Love you Huda!!! 😉

  3. 3 NUSRAT rahman

    PICK ME!!! i love false lashes but i can never find the right one, i dont like too thick or too thin i like them just perfectly in between. and i loveeeeee love loveeeeee ur lashes!!! and i woud love love loveeeee to have the ones made by u ❤ =D

  4. 4 Lulu

    PICK ME!!!!!!

    you have truely really inspired me and honestly changed my life!!! You are a great person who I one day aspire to be like!!

    And your gorgeous!! 🙂 xxx

  5. 5 maria lopez

    pick me! im a huge fan, i worship what you do and im always trying and trying mascaras and i still can’t achieve a good look:(

  6. 6 Fatma

    Pick me , i want it for my weeding :$

  7. 7 Fatma

    Pick me , i want it for my weeding

  8. 8 Amanda

    pick me….. please!!!

    i’ve been searching for the perfect pair of lashes for sooooooo long, and yours are the ones i need! :o) x

  9. 9 Hetal Patel

    PICK ME.
    I think your lashes are BEAUTIFUL!!! Also I’m trying to use lashes more often now and want to find the perfect lashes! This would be a great time for me to finally start! Thanks so much huda!!!!! =)

  10. you are so gorgeous, the lashes look really natural and i love your blog !
    just subscribed to you 🙂


  11. Pick ME please!!! My sister absolutely loves you & is always on your blog & youtube page. I would love to surprise her with this special gift from you! `=]

  12. 12 Naythar

    Pick Me!!!
    Because I think your lashes are always perfect,and I would like mine to look the same!

  13. 13 doonie

    cuz you can count my lashes since i barely have any, and most have fallen out =(

  14. Pick meeeeeeh

  15. 15 SAMIERA


  16. 16 Reema

    PICK ME!I am such a big fan of your work and your site and especially your videos. And if could have a pair of your fabulous lashes then it would complete my look!!
    Love yah huda and PICK ME!!

  17. 17 Sarah S

    I have tried on soo many eyelashes even had long term ones on for a while but instead of making me prettier they had the opposite effect one me

  18. 18 Cecilia

    Pick me!! I’m would be honor to wear lashes just like yours and if they are made by you even better!! I’m a huge fan of you:) I love your blog and your YouTube Chanel and I sincerely appreciate that you share your knowledge with us(that is so sweet of u) ! You probably get this all the time..but I believe You are AMAZING!!

  19. 19 Nel

    Pick me! Because I’m sick and tired of trying almost every mascara from the big brands and having the same spider like effect. I need some volume for my lashes and so far I’ve just spent moolah and havent got the effect I want 😦
    So please give me the chance to get Huda like eye-lashes 🙂

  20. 20 joellie

    PICK ME!
    I love your blog and you have inspired me!
    If i won, this would be the first time im gonna wear false lashes. And to think that you made it yourself, i will feel confident and beautiful.

  21. 21 Mariam S

    DON’T pick me, because I’ve already won the beauty blender (which I recieved, btw!!).

    I wanna wish everyone GOOD LUCK on winning these. I’ll probably be back next competition hehe

  22. 22 Amita

    PICK ME!!!i’m a huge fan of your blog and so is my 8 year old daughter!wud lov to hav your lashes on…so it could make a huge difference on an ordinary person lik me:–)

  23. 23 Lara

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!! I loveeee False Eyelashes and had never been succesful in getting the right one..

  24. 24 Myriam Jf

    Pick meeeee!!! I have really thin lashes and want to try out false eyelashes. for once i would like to try eyelashes that really give that natural look! love ur eyelashes huda

  25. 25 Noody

    Pick me .. because i wont be available to buy them anywhere even if i wanted to!

  26. 26 LuLu A

    Pick me!! Plz Plz Plz!!

    I am in love with your blog and ur way presenting make-up tips!!
    I have tried many false lashes from different brands but didn’t suit me! I would like to stick to your LASHES!! plus I will be in Dubai in 2 weeks if you pick me:P

  27. 27 Munira

    Pick me
    I have eyes that slant downwards and love to wear false lashes but i can never get the right ones to open my eyes and not weigh it down.. 🙂 Thanks

  28. 28 Namariq

    pick me .. because i know the importance of eyelashes and how they make a huge deference in your look. if u pick the right lashes u might not need to do much with the makeup because they could be a signature look.

  29. 29 mashael ali

    Pick me
    Because my eyelashes r short n I am gonna get married in a few months

  30. 30 Eena

    Pick me because I have learned so much from your blog and you truly have inspired me and taught me how to take care of myself, from the importance of being healthly, eating right, fitness, skin, hair, body, and cannot forget the awesome makeup knowledge you blessed us all with. Thanks so much. KEEP up the great work, you have a natural talent, and I can see the you will go far!

  31. 31 mashael

    Pick me 😀
    Cuz my eyelashes r short n I am gonna get married in a few months ;;)

  32. 32 Rachel

    PICK ME!!!!!!!


  33. 33 Leila

    PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!!! because I love ur tutorials and always try to replicate the looks u do… with these eyelashes i can go from just an ordinary girl to a drop dead gorgeous mama!!! PICK ME PLS!!

  34. 34 Zahra

    Pick me !
    because there is no better graduation gift than a killer lashes to wear them on my graduation ceremony, which will be held ( and aired) on the 29th of January 🙂

  35. 35 Dalia

    WHY ME, MYSELF AND I? Because I have short eyelashes and would die for killer lashes to look fabulous and feminine 🙂

  36. pick me :*
    id love to have beautiful eyes like yours ❤

  37. 37 mereyam


    I love ur website and ur advice and I’m always updated with ur website and u should simply pickkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee. lol

  38. 38 Alaa


  39. 39 Alya

    pick me!!
    because i always wanted to have good false lashes, yet can’t choose the right ones 😦
    so here’s my role model is giving some of them aways! i wish to have one ❤

  40. Pick me!!

    This should be your 1st step into creating ur own lashes line!! *seriously talking*
    good luck dear ❤

  41. 41 Sumaya

    Pick me because of all the reasons above!

  42. 42 Daisy Joanna

    Pick me!!!!! Because my birthday is coming up and your lashes will make me look soo much more prettier.. nearly as you!!

    I love your blog Huda, I read it everyday and have learnt sooo many useful beauty tips!

    Also your gorgeous!! 🙂 🙂

  43. 43 Sue

    Pick me! I’m 23 and have been single for 5 (!!) years! I need them to bat my eyelashes seductively on my first date in years! Maybe I’ll get somewhere this time, ha ha!

  44. 44 tonine d jaalouk

    pick me!!! i adore false lashes cz i love the cat eyes look ! thank u 😀

  45. 45 Sara K

    Pick Me!
    Because I check your blog twice a day religiously, and im soo into fashion and beauty just like you!

  46. 46 Noha

    Pick me Please Pick me Please Pick meeeeeeeeeeee PLease I go on your blog everyday wherever I go at work, at home traveling and my shopping list half of it is in home remedies, quite funny but I seriously learnt so much from your blog and I got upset different times for not finding alot of stuff you mention so this will totally make it up for me :))
    So please pick me!! :))

  47. 47 Noha

    Pick me please beacuse I’m asking politely anddd I love your blog anddddddd can not pass one day without reading it andddddddd finally I want to feel HOT and I know I will get that feeling with these lashes and adding to it some more tips I got from your blog :)) So me please :))

  48. 48 joelle

    pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂
    i love you! i love your blog! i love mona and i desperately need lashes cause mine are falling off and i have big eyes to deal with :s

  49. 49 shana

    pick me!! because i truly love reading your posts! & all theses fake eyelashes out there seem so fake & i want to save them for my wedding.. (:

  50. 50 Athija

    Pick Me Huda!

    My lashes are barely there and i want to extenuate them 😀

  51. 51 Tiffany

    Pick me! You are the reason that I ever thought about wearing them!

  52. 52 betsy

    PICK ME! I’m a stay at home mom of three (four if you include their dad lol) and I recently lost 35lbs! I’m feeling great inside and out with the help of many of your tips =) I would just LOVE that extra boost to make me feel even more beautiful!

  53. 53 Mehad

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Pick Me ❤ ❤ ❤

    Because although I want them, I will probably give them to my sister because she loves lashes!

  54. 54 Angela

    Pick me!
    I’m your biggest fan!!

  55. 55 LeTishia

    Pick me
    I need new lashes for my b-day vacation.

  56. Pick me!
    Simply because I’ve never actually tried falsies, but I’d really like to – and I think your lashes always look great! 🙂

  57. 57 Hana AlS

    Pick me:
    well I know I might not stand up amongst the other ladies but let me tell you why you should pick me. When I was 18 years old, I’d always bought lashes and didn’t know how to use them, even if a make-up artist applied to me make-up for a wedding, 1 hour later I take them off because I don’t like the look. but what I noticed about you lashes that they are unique and your eyes mashalla gorgeous and the lashes compliment them. since I discovered your blog I always want my eyes to look like you. So basically I want something to compliment my eyes. I’d always dreamt of having those bushy dramatic, eyelashes to stand up among my friends. I just turned 22 in December and this could be me belated present. JK ;p.

    Never been Lashed, Hana 😉

  58. 58 Shalisa

    PICK ME!!!!

    Everytime I watch your blogs I always love love love the lashes your wearing. I think that lashes are the one thing that takes your look from hot to fierce !!! I am a big supporter of you and all your work and I would love to have a pair of lashes made by my favorite makeup artist!!! Your amazing Have a good day and please pick me !!!

  59. 59 NehA

    PICK ME,


  60. 60 Amna

    Pick me……….. Simply because I soooooooooo want it…….

  61. 61 Angela

    PICK MEEEEEEEE……because my eyelashes are so short, and are very sparse. all of the false eyelashes i have tried look to fake! pick meeeee!

  62. 62 Brenda

    pick me! because i love the eyelashes you wear and me and my boyfriend just went through a horrible breakup and i need to feel confident and beautiful again! :/

  63. 63 arwa

    “@_@” Pick me “@_@” because i haven’t try false lashes before because i don’t like any of them ,, except the ones u r wearing on this photo ,, because i thought that they are real ,, and i would love to have them ,, and would love u even more 🙂

  64. 64 Stephanie

    pick me!! i only recently started wearing false lashes after watching your tutorials. I’m obsessed!! but don’t know which kinds to wear!

  65. 65 Sarah

    Pick me..

    Because I don’t have lots of lashes and mine are really short..

    Thanks Huda.


  66. 66 Alya

    Best lashes ever!!!! You are so amazing!!! ❤

  67. 67 Tamara

    Pick me –
    why? because I LOVE you – not in that ‘creepy’ way – but in the sense that you’re so inspirational & I love reading your blog. I know complementing you doesn’t increase/decrease my chances of winning, but I seriously am such a fan! Every time I get an email on my blackberry that says “HUDA BEAUTY: NEW POST” – I get so excited to read it! Love love love your blog! You are beautiful!

  68. 68 fofa

    PICK ME =) Dear HUDA
    bcoz , YOU mean a lot for me, more than what you expect , I ❤ you so soo sooo much
    and these lashes made by you .. it would be my pleasure to have something from you,
    having something belong to you ,,, what a pleased thing

  69. 69 Uju

    Pick me. . .I’ve been trying for years to perfect my eyelash makeup routine to no avail! I want my lashes to stand out without clumping and at this point I’d love to be able to try a perfect pair of false lashes!

  70. 70 Maggie

    Pick me :)…..Cause aside from me being addicted to your blog. I didnt get the chance to have my makeup done by you for my wedding 😦 so this could be an excuse to finally meet u in person plus I love your lashes and I wont need to spend money in getting eyelash extensions .

  71. 71 Asma

    Pick me,
    cause i ‘ll be happy to have them.

  72. 72 Lulu

    PICK ME!!

    I would be amazing to have a pair of your lashes! I have a sister with amazing long natural lashes while my lashes are very short, straight, and dull. It would be great to have an amazing confidence boost and feel amazing about myself. Also, I have many sisters, and one of them also won one of your beauty blenders and I was Sooooo jealous 😦 but winning this would be so so sosososoooo ah-may-zing 🙂

    THANKS BABYYYY!! love u Huda! xxx Mwa!

  73. 73 Amy OBrien

    *Pick Me*

    because I’ve never ever ever even worn a pair of lashes…<3 them xo

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