Winners of the Eyelash Contest!!


Hi my loooves!!

I am very excited to announce the winners of my favorite Eyelash contest! I used to help me pick the numbers, but I did try to make sure they were spread out a bit so number 30 wasn’t winning twice! The winners of the contest are Comment #58 Shalisa, Comment #30 Eena, and Comment #18 Cecilia!

Congrats girls! I hope you loove the lashes!!! 🙂

Thank you everyone for your super sweet comments! I hope you guys win in the next contest, coming in a few weeks! Love you all!!

Huda Xxx


4 Responses to “Winners of the Eyelash Contest!!”

  1. Congrats girls!!! They are so luck!!! Your lashes are amazing!!!

  2. 2 Cecilia

    Ohhh my god!! Did I just won?? I can’t believe it,., I want to jump like a little girl:) there are not words to thank u…I still can’t believe it,.!!! Once again thank u:)

  3. 3 shana

    i didn’t win.. I’m not surprised today wasn’t my luck day after all i failed my driver license test lool
    I’m totally in LOVE with ur blog & videos & YOU!!
    u are the sweetest thing everr!! actually u are libra like me (((:

  4. 4 Eena

    Thank you Huda sooo much, you totally just ended my weekend on an awesome note! I can’t wait to try the lashes on, I just know that they are going to be to die for!


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