Heidi Montag’s Regrettable Scars


By Huda Heidi Kattan
Heidi Montag may have publicly admitted to her dozen surgeries, but what she also admitted was how much she regrets going through all of her surgeries. Life & Style magazine got the dish on Heidi’s scars and her super sensitive face, so sensitive that she requested to do her own makeup. Scars all over body as well distorted breasts, I really don’t think this helped with any insecurities she may have had. What do you guys think? Do you feel bad for the former reality star?

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12 Responses to “Heidi Montag’s Regrettable Scars”

  1. 1 Renren

    i don’;t know if this is purely to advise people against it, or another publicity stunt….

  2. 2 Rawan

    She knew what she was getting into when she went to the plastic surgeon. To have all that surgery done at such a young age is CRAZEH! I do feel bad for her though, she was beautiful and no amount of plastic surgeries would’ve changed it, but she altered herself so much that she doesn’t look twenty something anymore, she looks older.

  3. 3 Sarah

    Am sorry but she looks way better now than she did before!! she look like a barbie…

    I dunno why.. but I feel this article is compelete B.S.. her and Spencer filed for bankruptcy and now they are doing everything for publicity! plus come on the scars barley show!! this is just stupid….

  4. 4 Roba

    I feel very sorry for her. Anyone who decides to go through as much plastic surgery as she did, has some serious self image issues that need to be resolved. If by looking in the mirror she saw all these flaws in herself and felt that plastic surgery was the way to fix them, then her self esteem was at rock bottom.I personally believe that Heidi Montag needed a good therapist, not a good plastic surgeon.

  5. 5 alinor

    I actually feel sorry for her, not only sympathetically but really really sorry for her. She is not yet 25 and yet has to carry around such anguish disappointments and aggravated pain every time she looks at herself in the mirror and in her everday life, everyone make wrong decisions but no one EVER deserves to be in this agony … Not even Paris Hilton.. I say!!!! The worst part, she can’t turn back to her original photo, at least not in the next coming 10 years or may be never again ..! SCARY

  6. 6 Bunny

    Ilove the way she looks now ,,, she’s prettier and her nose, breasts are amazing .. Perfection

  7. 7 Hoda

    She was prettier and younger. Nothing is better than GOD’s creativity.

  8. 8 vuska

    she deserves it, anyone who does anything to their face deserve it i think, i might be rude but this people know that the outcome wont be good, but its an addiction, you start with one thing and go on with others

  9. Insane!! Never knew she had one and now i know she have done ONES..

  10. 10 blanca Rey

    she definitely wants attention, she complains about her nose surgery and having to be really careful with it when she brushes her teeth so she wont hurt it and only splashes her face with water. this sounds kind of absurd to me. I had nose surgery six months ago and brushing my teeth has never been a problem, and I could wash my face regularly as before about two months after. And she had her surgery way longer than me to complain about those things.

  11. 11 n.b.

    to put it simply- yes I feel bad for her. but then again i can relate to her since i’ve had work done as well; and feel the same.

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