Kim’s Tiny Waist–Photoshopped Much?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Don’t photoshoppers know when it gets to be too much? Here’s a clue, when someone’s waist is the same size as their head, it’s a good time to say, “woah, I need to stop!” Jokes aside, this recent photo of Kimmy K for InLand Empire Mag is just waaaay to photoshopped! She looks stunning, there’s no doubt, but I think she would have looked just as gorgeous had she had a normal waist line!

image credits kimkardashian


12 Responses to “Kim’s Tiny Waist–Photoshopped Much?”

  1. 1 Stef

    Could they make it more obvious?

  2. u absolutely right :S

  3. 3 rania

    I think she looks ridulous

  4. 4 samira

    and her hand looks funny as well which part of this picture is actually her!!!!!

  5. 5 Cecilia

    I agree and it’s true about the hand it looks funny!! But she is still gorgeous:)

  6. 6 blonde bubs

    yes i agree looks too much but if you noticed kim has ALWAYS had a tiny waiste but big hips and the belt just brought the effect that it “looked” photoshopped trust me on this i know. google her u will notice how tiny her waist it

  7. 7 Kaval

    Could it be any more obvious. Waist shmaist I’m crushing over those Loubs!

  8. 8 NouNou

    HAHA!! I’m a Graphics designer and i can tell this has been photoshopped!! Can you see the little gap on the right side, between the belt and her hand….well that is where her waist begins, they’ve just cut that chunk out and they’ve done a bad job of it tbh as it looks so unnatural!!

    • OMG! I just saw that!! How did they miss that one? She really didn’t need it! Her waist is fine! She just looks off now!


  9. 11 Sarah

    they even chopped her chin off lol..

  10. YEAH!!!!!
    Very photoshopped! She needs to stop fooling ppl “not us” haha

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