HOT! HOT! HOT!! The New Age of Advertisement!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

There really is no room for error as we hit the new decade is seems times are changing. Fashion has reached new limits and the world of advertisement is no different! THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE! I have been approached by numerous photographers to do a video shoot, unfortunately my schedule has been unbelievably hectic for the past 8 months or so! After watching this video for Prada, I am sooooo amazed! Not to mention, photoshopping a video is extremely expensive and annoying, so keeping error down to a minimum is key!

PS, take note to the metallic eyes! Super hot trend for spring/summer!!


4 Responses to “HOT! HOT! HOT!! The New Age of Advertisement!”

  1. 1 jessica

    Awesome..I’m speechless

  2. 2 MiriamKh

    But what are they going to put in magazines?

  3. 3 fatamy

    heheheh models suck at dancing

  4. 4 Tata

    This video has been made by animating series of photographs, right? Its a fantastic Idea but I don like the background, I wish I could see more creativity in that as well…like an animated background as well!!

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