Paris’s Harajuku Inspired Perfume


By Huda Heidi Kattan

For a New York minute, Paris Hilton may be on fire! After releasing a super hot photoshoot with Terry Richardson and also tweeting a sneak peak of her newest fragrances. Being on the cover of Vogue is fun, but the heiresses’ new fragrance is very Harajuku inspired, and with all honestly, I’m interested! Who knows how it will smell, but the packaging is adorable!

image credits cocoperez


2 Responses to “Paris’s Harajuku Inspired Perfume”

  1. 1 leila

    I don’t really like her but she looks good. I would try the perfume and hope it smells better than her other fragrence

    Thanks Hoods

  2. 2 jessica

    I don’t like Paris one bit!

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