NStyle Comes Home!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I love beauty, it is extremely hard for me to take the time to leave my house and hit the salon for my periodic mani/pedi treatment! With my insane schedule, I’ve always wished they could just come to me and while there were a few that did at home service, the few that I did try, I was not particularly impressed at all. Which is why I am beyond excited that NStyle Nail Lounge, one of Dubai’s premiere nail spas has gone mobile and is now bringing fabulous nails to a sofa near you! I cannot even begin to describe how relaxing and amazing it was to get pampered in my home–not to mention how killer my nails looked! I watched a movie, got a massage, and answered emails and it felt AWESOME!! I can’t wait to invite some girlfriends over this weekend for a Girl Night in with some chick flicks, beauty talk and some awesome Manis/Pedis! Thank you NStyle for doing this!!!

Check out all the nail polish they brought to me! It was awesome! And my fingers and toes looked so pretty afterward!

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12 Responses to “NStyle Comes Home!!”

  1. 1 MiriamKh

    Wowww you look hot Hudhud

  2. 2 Vuska

    Hey Huda,u look beautiful 🙂 black color suits you a lot 🙂

  3. 3 rania

    I’m already quite obsessed with you blog, but I wish you would post more photos of you. You look beautiful here and black is your color, going to call them for sure xxoxo

  4. 4 When in doubt, wear Neon

    Wow this makes me want to book in an apt today!

  5. 5 Nunu

    You look gorgeous!:)

  6. 6 Maitha

    ohhhh i like that idea 😛 girls night w manicure pedicure… sounds gr8.. ur invitd Huda

  7. 7 Stella

    Where are your shoes from? I think I asked before but you never answered 😦

    • I’m so sorry baby!! My shoes are Fendi and so is the belt, the dress is Anna Sui! I actually got it all on sale!! 🙂 Yaay!!

  8. You look so gorgeous!!! Love you so much!!! Muuuahhh!!!

  9. 10 Fatma

    I love NStyle !! my fav nail saloon in Dubai ❤

  10. 11 joooj

    heyy .. huda ur a such beautiful lady ..
    i just wanna know .. where r u from ??

  11. 12 UmmZacharia

    I’m so glad I just read this post! I go to Dubai quite a bit but do not know where are the best places to go for beauty services. I’m so incredibly fortunate to have a husband who’s into womens fashion and style and does his best to try and find places for me ( quite rare for a Saudi guy) but lets face it, he’s still a guy. It would be so great and helpful if you could post/review the best places to go ( not necessarily the most expensive) for services like henna, Moroccan bath, spa services, massage, hair etc. I know this would probably be a tall request but I’m sure so many of your readers would greatly appreciate it. Hope you will consider this.

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