How To Wear It | HAUTE Pink Lips!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I absolutely adore Tala, so I was excited to do another “How to Wear it” since I didn’t get to while I was in the states! This month we decided to do how to wear shocking pink lips, which were suuuper huate on the runway for spring/summer 2011. Enjoy the video and definitely try this trend!! Make sure you guys visit Tala’s blog, where she shows us how to wear all of our favorite trends!!


7 Responses to “How To Wear It | HAUTE Pink Lips!”

  1. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great video!!! Great job girls!!!

  2. 2 Aminah

    hudaa! loveeeee the video =O i have a question though.. my lips are the size of yours when u do the kiss pose.. =P so when i apply red or bright pink to them, it magnifies them and i dont want them to be any bigger… any tip for that? =) thanks!

  3. 3 Nuria

    thanks thanks thanks!!

  4. 4 Fatma

    I used to hate wearing a bright pink lipstick! but now I’m so excited to try 😀
    gr8 video huni


  5. 5 Schez Kahn

    Wowww…..Really Suuuuper Haute!!!
    The video is quite informative with all the basic details covered properly for every women to understand and implement it in their daily part of grooming and beautification….
    Keep it up, Huda. Hope you can bring more of such videos and promote it in more stronger manner in front of the World to prove how much Arab women are capable of and how they can give tough competition to the World with their Natural Beauty, their immense abilities and zest to prove their existence!
    Wish you all the best for your tenfold Success in the near Future!!!

  6. 6 DS

    i really love the hot pink lip look but i have a question, when i wear these kind of colors they tend to really bring out any discoloration on my skin and make it much more obvious especially around the lips. So i want to know if in general the bright colors need a different technique of foundation to make it look perfect?

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