Kim Taken Advantage Of?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

In case you missed the latest episode of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, then you might have missed all the drama. After seeing it download to my Apple TV (it gives later in Dubai), I was shocked after watching it and seeing Kim’s reaction to her W Magazine shoot. There has been a lot of speculation that the whole scene was staged, most reality TV shows are nowadays, but I don’t know. What do you guys think, was she taken advantage of? She said she was promised they wouldn’t show anything, but she was naked. It seems she clearly didn’t have anything in writing to protect herself against this, so is it her fault?

Her response?

“Oh my God, I’m more naked that I was in Playboy,” Kim told her sisters. “I’m so mad right now. [The magazine] promised I would be covered with artwork — you can see the nipples!

“The whole concept was sold to me that nothing would be seen,” she continued. “I feel so taken advantage of … I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m never taking my clothes off again, even if it’s for Vogue. Well, maybe Vogue”

image credits nicegarden


21 Responses to “Kim Taken Advantage Of?”

  1. 1 Zaynab

    Oh God! Please! I used to like her, but she’s too FAKE now, too much drama for nothing. Even her face, she can’t cry as a normal human being. Too much botox, Not good!

  2. 2 basma

    Taken advantage of??!! Did she not realise she had no clothes on and was covered in paint when she was smiling for the camera? Please….

  3. When she took her clothes off to be begin with she should have known that they’d be using the photos as is..!! WTH?!! I don’t believe this..!1

  4. 4 Najla

    me too

    i don`t believe her

  5. 5 Atia

    pleaseeeee…she can make a porno video but when some photos of her covered in paint come out, all this drama? as if she didnt know it! im getting sick of her

  6. 6 Sana

    Did you watch her interview with Piers Morgan. She said she has not had any work done on her. Do you believe her?

  7. 7 Al Ghaliyah


  8. 8 Bunny

    Hmmm weird

  9. 9 fatamy

    she might be saying the truth..

  10. 10 Mai

    She’s waaay too overrated this one..

    What’s her deal anyway?? She’s beautiful.. But ok so what? Huda is more beautiful I believe..

    I’m just ssoooooo over her

    • Awww!!! I love you!! <3<3<3

  11. i dont like her.. too much acting

  12. 13 rae

    I think she is very convincing in her tears and cry, but obviously this chick has no prob taking her clothes off. She promotes herself to the fullest extent. Just with that vogue comment, she probably is in negotiations as we speak to do a nude shoot. I don’t believe she has much more talent than keeping up a beautiful appearance and in this day and age in hollywood, that’s all you need to market yourself.

    Huda, you give this fame mongrel a lot of attention on your great health, beauty, and wellness website. On to the next.

  13. I am so sorry but I am so over her!!! Drama!!! Why do people keep watching this crap?

  14. 15 Rawan

    She’s gone way over board with herself. SNL don’t make fun of her for no reason, she’s just so like um what’s that word, like yeah like i don’t know.. pshyeah what evvvv.. lool! She totally faked it since she knew exactly what she was getting into in the first place. WHAT EVVV <– Kim K

  15. 16 NouNou

    This is as believable as the episode where she had botox “for the first time”…yeah right. If you’re stripping naked in front of a camera, you know what you’re doing.

    BTW – her sex tape was so staged – she actually talks to the camera during the intervals and keeps saying “hi everybody” at the beginning of her sentences….why would you say that if it was for your and your partner’s eyes only?????

    She’s just *yawn*.

  16. 17 viva k.

    im sooooo sick of the kardashians.Kim was prettier before all the work she has gotten done.

  17. first off she can’t cry like normal humans due to the massive amounts of botox that are too obvious, babies don’t have skin that firm!

    second, i thought she was fake crying and then realized she was trying to pull off a real cry…lame and sad

    i love her body, makeup artists (most of the time) and her stylists but her as a person, i just feel bad for her, she’s actually truly beautiful without makeup (as are all women) and she refuses to let her real self shine through. i’m not saying walk out the house looking a mess, but she’s too young to have a daily makeup routine as heavy as hers.
    she says she’s more confident and independent than ever, i’m sorry kim, i don’t believe you confidence wise 😦

  18. 19 Sarah

    This is the lamest show on TV.. I would be caught dead watching it…
    I feel its so fake and dramatic!! come on… i doubt all of this drama happens unless they create it to increase view.

    Kim is really Cheap and has no class.. she is famous for a porn video for gods sake.. i feel bad for ppl who copy her and think she is all that.

  19. 20 Basma

    Yes, Kim has already confessed to having Botox, that is not the issue, every one looks ugly or weird when they cry 😛 so stop picking at her!

    I think those tears were real but she got it to herself. A Woman’s body is supposed to be sacred, she needs to stop posing nude / Semi nude in magazines, it’s just not right.

  20. 21 Stella

    i sense fake

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