LL’s New Look


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Leona Lewis may have gone through some serious transformations through her short but successful career as a singer from the UK’s popular X-Factor, but her looks as of late are raising some eyebrows. I personally love her hair and the makeup is just beautiful, the clothes however, has got mixed reviews. I find it very artistic and interesting, but I’m also ready to see more from the songstress! Here are the latest looks Leona wore at her last 3 appearances–all kind of similar, and I want to see some more!

image credits zimbio


15 Responses to “LL’s New Look”

  1. i like her hair!

  2. 2 aziza

    she lost weighttt!!! kinda looks like a barbie now!

  3. 3 adriane

    hey she has a new nose!! omg it looks perfect. good that she had that nose operation

  4. 4 Portia

    i think the entire look is stunning! she manages to pull of the clothes! i’m especially loving the lip crop top, bodycon skirt and mink shoes! who’s the designer?! xx

  5. 5 Marie

    Could you please do a video with her make up look – specifically the one with the red lips outfit? That would be amazing, I love the shimmeryness around her eyes.

  6. 6 Mariam S

    Huda!!! With all this ‘new’ make up and styling…it is distracting us from the REAL change! HER NOSE!!!!!!! She got it done! 😮 (much better, I say!)

  7. 7 Sarah

    her style is so cheap!! who wears a top with lips! and that blue thing!! horrible..
    she is pretty though

  8. 8 rae

    new nose, new look! she looks good in some pics! style, eh

  9. 9 Ebony

    Hi Huda, first I want to say I love you soooo much.. Who is the designer of the top with the smiley face top she’s wearing? That’s so fab!

    • OMG!!! Aww!! I love YOU sooo much!!! <3<3<3 Leona actually designed her outfit herself! 🙂 Awesome isn't it?!!! LOVE!!!

  10. 11 lina

    leona was such a sweet a girl next door type with a shy smile
    and thats what made the whole nation fell in love with her
    but now it feels that shes not the same person as much as shes trying to fit in the american popstar and diva requirements
    shes not leona any more

  11. 12 nono

    I like her hair but think her makeup is just awful. Its just too much, or maybe its the snooki tan that bothers me. She looks so much more fake than the natural leona lewis i remember.

  12. 13 z.albasri

    OMG…. she’s soooooooooooo pretty i lovvvved her hair and makeup bt i didnt like her outfits

  13. OMG!!! What is she wearing?

  14. 15 Sameera

    Is the hair real? i was debating with my friend whether her hair is real or not! i reckon it is! what do you think?

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