Haute or Not | Khloe + Lamar’s New Fragrance?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think it’s adorable that some couples are so in love, but I’m not too sure I would would want to smell like my hubby, then again he does smell pretty amazing!  I have smelt some unisex fragrance that really did smell alluring and all that fun stuff, but I am really curious as to how to this new perfume/cologne from Khloe and Lamar really smells. It would definitely be a lot easier if you could share one fragrance! Would you buy it?

What do you guys think of the commercial?


5 Responses to “Haute or Not | Khloe + Lamar’s New Fragrance?”

  1. 1 A.A.A

    She is Uglyy

  2. 2 Z

    Personally, I love Khloe and Lamar, they are such an amazing couple. He respects her and knew she was the one and did not wait for a couple of years to marry her. Can’t wait to smell this perfume, I already love Kim’s fragrance.

  3. 3 Bunny

    Good for them , idont mind buying them

  4. 4 Ann

    All the Kardashians are trying to sell themselves,but this one was pretty ugly))))

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