Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara?!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It may seem questionable that we need yet another makeup tool in our already large makeup kits, but if you’re wondering why bottom lash mascara is important, I am here to tell you, it is sooo important! In fact, I’ve been waiting for a product like this! You guys probably know by now, no one loves lashes like I do and to be honest, bottom lashes need a whole different kind of attention. They are equally as important, and believe it or not, I pay so much attention to them, I actually get compliments on my bottom lashes!

What I love about this new formula and wand is yes, it’s created specifically for bottom lashes, so that means so smudging, flaking or smearing like most mascaras. The wand is the perfect shape and size to give you bottom lash precision that means super sexy lashes and eyes! I’m a huge fan of making minor changes that dramatically affect the larger picture and this is one of them!

image credits stylist


14 Responses to “Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara?!”

  1. 1 Lani

    I always neglected my bottom lashes because using my regular mascara never looked right; I am so excited about trying the “bottom lash” mascara!!

  2. 2 Namariq

    this is the clinique bottom lash Mascara right ??.. i already used it and its perfect .. totally in love .. i think its a great add to my kit.

  3. 3 Myriam

    why havent u mentioned what brand this is? :S

    • I think it is Clinique. I know they make a good bottom lash mascara. Maybe this is it

      • Whoops!! You’re right Tanja! It’s Clinique:)

  4. 6 suzanne

    Can we find the Bottom Lash Mascar in Dubai & where?

    • It just launched in February, so I would check with your local Clinique counter and see if it is here!

  5. 8 Asma

    loove uuu

    • Love you More!!! <3<3<3

  6. 10 namariq

    i don’t think its launched in Dubai yet but i know its launched in the UK.. if u have anyone they can send it to u .. at least that thats what i did 🙂

  7. I cant wait to get my hands on this one, I always apply mascara to my bottom lashes it just gives an amazing touch to the whole look!

  8. 12 Alya

    Really!! Can’t wait to try this out!!

  9. 13 Soursour

    Hi Huda, you are really gorgeous! I have a little question concerning mascara smudging. My mascara tends to ALWAYS smudge under my eyes even if I don’t put any mascara on my bottom lashes and even if I use waterproof mascara and when I get home late at night I always look like a racoon, it’s really embarrassing! I was wondering if you had any advice as to put your mascara in a specific way so it doesn’t smudge as much. Thank you in advance for your help, wish you all the best and keep up the amazing work.

  10. 14 Karen

    I bought this recently, and I just love it! It really gives the lower lashes nice natural definition without clumping or smudging. I got mine online for $10 plus shipping. Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

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