Beauty At Every Size!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Beauty comes in every shape and size, but sometimes how big or small the package may be can be surprising. Eve AKA Amazon Eve has set the record for the tallest model in the world at an incredible 6′ 8″ (203 cm). It’s no wonder this tall beauty has caught the eyes of many magazines world wide and she may be getting her own reality show. I’m not sure if I would watch it, but I might take a peak at the first episode!

Check out the video below, it’s crazy how tall she is!

image credits blippitt


7 Responses to “Beauty At Every Size!”

  1. 1 Vuska

    Everything is nice to the limit,this is too much for girl,the ideal height for a girl is 165cm like sophie loren,how does this one find a man of her size even???i dont find tall girls beautiful at least this tall…i still think everything beautiful comes in small sizes :)))

    • 2 Schez Kahn

      I think she is awesome…Her self confidence is great and she should be appreciated for it…So what if she is abnormally tall but still she is surviving in the best possible manner and making her name in this World!
      All other things are not of much importance!
      Hats Off To Her Spirit and Thanks Huda, for bringing such unusual subject to everybody’s attention.

  2. 3 Thaj

    her voice is so deep 😦

  3. 4 Shahrazad

    i don’t think she’ll ever find a guy that tall =P
    OMG !

  4. 5 viva k.

    very interesting. Shes made it this far in life with her height and shes more confident now than ever im sure. she should use her height to her advantage; I would def try WNBA for =) She is very proportionate too. I may catch the first episode as well just to see the life of this “babe-zilla” lmao but otherwise im not too interested

  5. 6 Yazi

    first thing that clicked my mind is she dosnt need to wear Heels 😀 , she pretty tall and wen it comes to boy dosnt mater as long dey love eachother

  6. COOL!

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