Exciting News!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am so excited to announce that I am the official beauty ambassodor for Mall of the Emirates! Since I shop their quite a bit, it made perfect sense to partner up with them in this exciting new project they have just launched! Over the next 10 days Tala Samman (from MyFashDiary) and myself will be working with them to make sure you guys get your latest trends within the beauty and fashion world!! Today I talked about how to get the perfect bright pout! Make sure you guys head over to the Mall of the Emirates Facebook page and make sure you guys “like” the page to get all the updates! There is a lot of exciting things to come!!

Bright Lips – Some of my ultimate favorite beauty trends this season is seriously bright lips! With designers like Fendi, Diane Von Furstenberg, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs sending their designs down the runway with some of the hottest lips known to man! My favorite colors this season are hot pink, fiery red, and bright orange! So beautiful and perfect for a classic yet trendy look!

Red: Burberry Lipstick in Hibiscus, Benefit in Flirt Alert, L’Occitane Red Ribbon Lipstick

Hot Pink: MAC Full Fuchsia, NARS Lipstick Schiap, Sephora Lipstick in Love Test 11

Orange: Shiseido OR 418, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral, Makeup Forever Lipstick in 40

(the colors I used are in bold)


15 Responses to “Exciting News!!”

  1. 1 Natalie

    I know you must be very busy, but would be super excited to see you do a contest for some lucky girl to win a documented makeover styling by you- you’re blessed with true talent :)!

  2. Go Girl! xoxo

    • Thank you darling!!! :)))

  3. 4 CanadianFan

    Congrats Huda! We love u in Vancouver…wish we had known about you when we visited Dubai, we would have raided that great mall a couple of more times 🙂 Thx for sharing your beauty powers with us!!

    • Awww!!! OMG! Well I have been dying to come to Vancouver!! I hope I can make it over there and I would loooooove to meet you guys!! <3<3<3<3<3

      Love you sooo much!!

  4. 6 Stella

    where can i find revlon in dubai?

    • You can find it at Boots Pharmacy!! 🙂

      • 8 Stella

        thank you huda! 🙂

  5. 9 M


    I have a q: for how long can u use the same pair of falsies? ( how many times can i use them again )



    • Really depends on how you take care of them. If I want a pair to last a super long time, let’s say they are limited edition, then I apply mascara on to my lashes, curl them, then apply the false lashes. This will allow me to use them for about 10+ times (just make sure you clean the glue off, I recommend DUO glue, available at MAC).

      I’ll be honest, applying mascara after you apply the false lashes does make the lashes blend better and sometimes appear more attractive. I only recommend applying the lashes last if you really want to keep the false lashes for a long time! Hope this helps!! Xxxx

  6. 11 Candice Z

    Amazing! You deserve the world my darling!!!!

  7. 12 Mary Monroe

    Congratulations! This sounds very exciting for you… Your talent will definitely take you further towards more success. I’m loving the lip colors for spring very pretty!<3

  8. 13 Daisy

    Huda, I know you’ve heard this soo many times but you really are stunning!!!

    Love your blog 🙂


  9. 14 Fatima

    Hudaaa I lovve your make up

    Congraaaats youre really the best beauty ambassador 😀

    I really really wish you can apply my wedding make up
    I know I will be the most beautiful bride if you do

    Pleeassseee tell me if you can

  10. 15 karen

    wow,you are so beautiful and talented at the same time! I’m so happy I found your blog! let me know if you ever make it to Italy,I’d luv to meet you!!!

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