Haute or Not? Kimmy’s Cruella Do


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I wasn’t too sure about this when I first saw it, but my friend who was next to me hated this look. So I genuinely want to know what do you guys think about this new look from bombshell Kimmy K? While the highlights are not super obvious, they really aren’t blended either, which really isn’t the hottest look right now. What do you guys think, is this look a keeper?

Click for more pics of the look!

image credits zimbio


13 Responses to “Haute or Not? Kimmy’s Cruella Do”

  1. I think it looks cheap. And this girl doesn’t get her done by anyone cheap!

  2. 2 Aminah

    i dont even think she was aiming for a “Cruella” hair-do xDD but good one =P
    and i dont think its the best look anyone should go for…

  3. 3 hadil walid

    I don’t see anything wrong with it!! I actually like her soft highlights & was thinking to have something similar..or does it look more like a lowlights!!

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    Although her makeup look wasn’t strong, she looked gorgeous. Sometimes you don’t need to over do it with tons of makeup and contouring, keeping it simple brings out your beauty. I’m loving her eye make up and lashes! The look is soft yet classy and beautiful…. maybe you can do a video on her soft eye makeup and bomb eyelashes. <33

  5. 5 Mary Monroe

    I’m deff not a fan of Kim’s hair do, with highlights or a lighter shade color… Hands down her hair is attractive when it’s dark and only dark. When her hair is another color it takes away from her dark middle eastern features. I Know she likes to change it up but for sure she’ll be going back to her original color as alwayss…

  6. 6 Cecilia

    I luv it!!! Can you Plz do a make up tutorial on this look!!!:)

  7. 7 arwa

    it’s not just the highlights ,, i hated the whole look of hair ,, it’s so flat and looks like it has been done before 24 hours ,, although the eyes and accessories and every thing else is just perfect ..

  8. 8 Tota

    Yes, can you please do a tutorial of her make up look :D?

  9. I thought the same, It could have been done a bit more neatly!

  10. 10 arugey

    I think it doesn’t look so bad.


    Huda, what blush do think she has on ?

  11. 11 A.A.A


  12. 12 Candice

    not a fan. her makeup, on the other hand, rockin’ as always!

  13. 13 M

    ive heard that she contours her nose and there were reports that she had surgery but she denied it saying its just contouring…huda what do u think? i can’t make out the contouring (not saying shes got surgery done)…but ur the expert- can u make out if its contouring?

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