Supermodel’s Don’t Shave Their Legs


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, so most models do shave their legs, however one of the most popular supermodels as of late (she can thank beau, Christiano Ronaldo for the heep of fame), has debuted her unbelievably furry legs! I personally am not crazy about hair myself, I am unbelievably hairy and keeping myself hair-free has been lots of fun (joke)! TMZ did go crazy on the supermodel for wearing her hair-full legs out and about in LA, especially since Ronaldo has literally no hair! What do you guys think? Is it really that big of a deal, or should she pull out her Venus and shave away?

image credits
caughtoffside, tmz

15 Responses to “Supermodel’s Don’t Shave Their Legs”

  1. jeeez… whats all the drama with a little peach fuzz…
    maybe her man likes it that way

    • Hahaha

    • 3 fatamy

      peach fuzz LOL

  2. 4 Lina

    Noooo wayyyyy… I like it hair free and im like u hairy not hairy can say super hairy i would like to know if u have some advice about it i keep reading that waxing is not that healthy more in sensitive areas what do u think about laser lpg or any other way to b HAIR FREE… thank u and BTW I LOVE UR BLOG

  3. 5 Shaikha

    I cannot keep the hair cuz I have black hair and not nice to keep it,, she keep it may be she thought that bleech hair not showing and people connt notice it,,

  4. 6 Natasha

    LOL! This is nothing like what actress Monique showed off last year.

  5. 7 Dalia

    mm well with her being a model and ppl all over the world seeing her i think she should shave.. doesnt look attractive atall

  6. its disgusting lol

  7. noooo , i can`t leave a single hair , thanks to lazer of course 😉

  8. Omg no she should really shave her legs, it’s not that kind of big universal deal but still she is a supermodel, not shaving legs is just odd?

  9. 11 Tata

    Why they have made a big deal out of it??? I am so hairy as well…but there is no time when I am 100% hair free…I do wax and all but this is something that is totally natural and media should not put the “Hair Stress” on women beside all other stress they are already imposing on us…so Huda I think its fine to have hair sometimes….

  10. 12 Lena

    Hi Huda!! Can u Advise us on what to do with hair in unwanted places like( back, chest, stomech). Is there a way to possiably minimis the apperance.

  11. dear Lena ( sorry Huda i will replay to lena )

    i am so hairy , with thick black hair , so what i did to remove and minimize it , Lazer , now i have the perfect soft , i beacome hair less or if there are some , the hair are baby hair , no one can notice it

    • 14 Lena

      Thank u for replying:) I thought about Laser & asked around but the answers I got we’r all the same, that it was painful and ppl suffered from ingrown hair after it. Where did u go for ur laser treatment?

  12. 15 Mona

    Ewh! Shave awaaay!! Supermodel or no supermodel, all women should be hair-free ;;)

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