Celebrities Never Age!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Celebrities may have the goods on the latest anti-aging secrets, but in the world of photoshop, none of that really matters. In case you’ve seen most of these celebrity beauty ads, you’ve noticed the celebs look about 10+ years younger. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t mind a few touches here and there, just to get rid of maybe a unpredictable breakout or something, but I guess since their at it they can erase anything that seems to reflect my age as well! NOT! This ad of Kate Winslet for Lancome’s New Lipsticks L’Absolu Nu looks gorgeous, but they really received a lot of press about going crazy with the photoshop. What do you guys think? Do you prefer ads more natural, or do you like this picture perfect look?

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13 Responses to “Celebrities Never Age!”

  1. 1 Tata

    I am so against it…Its fake and fake stuff makes me angry…to be honest I don find it attractive at all, I am overwhelmed by the brightness of the picture…The other point is that I always question myself why they don go this far in photoshopping pictures of male celebrities like George Clooney? Instead they try to show it to be more attractive? Women are not objects, and photoshopping a picture to this extent is nothing but treating this actress as an object! I feel sorry for her to allow for this insult and mistreatment…I think the only authority who can put a stop to this is US, WOMEN!

  2. 2 Sheila

    It’s just to much all of these girls never look like real women, they need to make them look like real people!

  3. 3 kaval

    A few touches here and there is fine. But in this ad Kate’s skin looks flawless without any kind of lines or wrinkles and what so ever. When in reality she does have wrinkles around her eye area. I don’t think that they should go so overboard with the photoshop.

    PS: Huda darling I have been following your recommended tomato regime religiously and my skin is nothing short of glowing. All my pimple marks have lightened and i always have this glow on my face. Thank you!! Absolutely love your blog. 🙂

  4. wow she looks very different
    Photoshop is great as long as you know about it and are educated that people you see in the magazines don’t really look like that. We might know how much of a powerful tool Photoshop is but what about the young girls who haven’t got a clue about it and who view these celebrities as ‘perfect goddesses’ and aspire to be like them and have those unattainable measures?
    I think the more awareness we spread about it the more we help those young girls grow to be strong women instead weak ones with shattered self esteems.

  5. 5 Sofie

    “our perception of beauty is distorted”, i love the Dove commercial that shows the reality of how the above pictures are created

    • Ahhh!! LOVE this!! i actually did some work with Dove when they released this campaign in the states! Love it!!!

  6. 7 Renren

    she still looks pretty young in the none photoshopped pic so i don’t know why i don’t think they over-photoshopped her.
    In the picture below her skin is so smooth and glowing as well except she’s smiling.
    the photoshop is unnecessary. bear in mind, though, that alot of celebrities also are against their faces being photoshopped to perfection. imagine how you would feel if someone takes a pic of you then erases half of your face and changes your face shape till it’s perfect….would make me VERY self conscious about my looks

  7. 8 Renren

    ALSO! completely unrelated…but Huda someone’s in Grazia magazine! e7em, you! hehehe

    • haha:) You found me?! 🙂

      • 10 Renren

        yes! reviewing fashion like only a true fashionista could! hehe

      • OMG! 🙂 Hahaha, thank you baby!! You’re so cute!!

  8. 12 Mary Monroe

    I’d like to see pictures that are more natural, maybe with a little touch up… but over doing it, creates a perfect and unrealistic look. Hollywood is all about that, sad to say that probably won’t change. Women can’t feel comfortable with their true beauty and are forced to have to look perfect all the time, which is wrong!

  9. 13 goldenpast

    She obviously looks MUCH younger in the ad. Maybe it’s just me… BUT I agree. They went overboard.

    However, I don’t know why people are continuously surprised about ad’s being excessively photoshopped…
    Every ad in a magazine is photoshopped to the MAX! …
    And it’s not like anybody’s going to stop them. And even if people were able to get their attention.. chances are they’ll STILL photoshop as many pictures as they want. That’s just how it works.

    If you want to look younger when you’re 50.
    Just eat healthy and workout. Take care of yourself. That’s my logic.

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