Celebs Gone Too Far? No More Laugh Lines, No More Expression!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

The life of a celebrity’s spot light can be as quick as a new york second! Sometimes it’s the inevitable younger celeb coming along, while other times it’s simply because the celeb couldn’t resist touching their face! Some young celebrities seem to think that the fountain of youth is found in a plastic surgeon’s office under the name Botox. Sure, it might help the aging process some what, but the consequences of not being able to move your face, just aren’t worth it! What do you think–which celeb went too far?

image credits zimbio


11 Responses to “Celebs Gone Too Far? No More Laugh Lines, No More Expression!”

  1. Definately Kim K!!! She just looks exactly like her Mum now but with long hair!! Not good when you’re only 30-ish…

    And Heidi’s foundation/powder is AWFUL :-/ Eeeeeshk..what was she thinking?!?!


  2. 2 Sana

    I feel that Kim has been looking weird lately..dont knw what she has done but it makes her look old!

  3. 3 Angela

    wow, must just be me…I dont see anything wrong with any of them, expecially the 3rd picture. Maybe we are being a little to critical!

  4. 4 Glitters

    I agree with Angela..

  5. 5 mereyam

    i think they all look great, nothing is wrong with them

  6. 6 nono

    Heidi is obviously gone to far. But Kim K also, you should watch her cry on her reality show. It looks ridiculous. And it actually makes her look older in stead of younger.

  7. 7 A.A.A

    I hate them =(

  8. 8 Mary Monroe

    Kim Kardashian looks the same to me except for her lips! She’s definitely done something to them, She had her teeth re-shaped and whitened, that’s why her smile looks different than before when she wasn’t as famous.. I’ve watched her try Botox on the show but I do notice wrinkles under her eyes… she has said that it would be ridiculous for her to start getting Botox at her age.. On the other hand HEDI has taken it to the extreme with all the surgeries she has went through.

  9. I def think Kim K. and Heidi took it way too far. As for Kim, she has always been gorgeous and I don’t understand why she feels the need to enhance her face when make-up can do that for her…I do understand that they live in Hollywood and it is difficult to remain self-confident when so many people criticize you for even the slightest flaws. I understand but I do not agree…

  10. 10 goldenpast

    Okay.. come on people. Heidi has obviously gone too far.
    Anybody read the OK! Magazine article?! She’s insane! When she first met her mother face to face after her surgery on The Hills, she was crying. Now the depressing part about that scene was watching her cry! She couldn’t. Her skin could not move the way she wanted it to and she was almost FORCING her skin to stretch. It looked plastic and unattractive.
    It still does. Surgery has done more worse than good.

    Kim Kardashian looks okay but if she doesn’t stop soon, she’ll ruin her face. She’s a beautiful woman and I would rather have her age properly than get botox…

    And finally Megan Fox. I don’t know what she’s been up to… but she definitely doesn’t look the same! What happened to her?! Her lips look too pouty, her skin looks plastic and she can barely smile without that awkward smirk…
    She has lost the youthful, sexy, beauty. For some reason, she looks MUCH older now.

    I understand that being in front of the camera is a LOT of work and can pressurize a celebrity to take extreme measures…
    But if women in Hollywood are unhappy with themselves (considering they have make-up artists, stylists, trainers…), how can anyone expect everyday women to have good self-esteem!?

    This is exactly why I stopped reading magazines and stopped watching reality-tv/entertainment shows. Nothing but bullshit and BAD message for younger girls.
    There’s more to life than beauty. Wake up one day and donate money to charity. Trust me when I say, it’s a MUCH greater feeling than feeling pretty.

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