ANTM’s Ann in Italian Vogue


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am obsessed with watching the photo shoots on America’s Next Top Model for the gorgeous makeup and photos on the show! If you tuned in last season, then you were probably blown away with the way Ann Ward was able to strike a pose! The super awkward, super fierce Amazonian (6’2″) winner is without doubt destined for all things huge in the world of modeling. Check out her shoot on Italian Vogue! I love Ann!! I just can’t help but think, Tyra (who recently dropped her last name to become a one-name wonder) must be so proud!

image credits fashiongonerogue


6 Responses to “ANTM’s Ann in Italian Vogue”

  1. 1 aziza

    she reminds me of a giraffe from madagascar 😀 so akward and cute

  2. 2 dany

    hello huda, great article! but i have a question for you, hope you will se ❤ i want to buy a good hightlighter ( i want to obtain the kim k`s hightlghts and cheeks).. i bought a hightlighter from body shop but isn`t so nice.. so what you recommand? and please make a tutorial about contouring and highlight.
    Love you!

  3. Can’t believe she won?

  4. Why is it that all people from Amazon on shows and in movies and books, are always like, super tall? Is it just me who thinks that?

  5. 5 mawazee

    loool I couldn’t believe she won, she’s so awkward!

  6. Appreciate the new look. I really enjoyed this article. Many thanks for this impressive entry.

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