What Happened to Zoey Deschannel?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I loooove Zoey Deschannel, so to see this new ad campaign with a completely unrecognizable Zoey is soooo disappointing! I honestly had no idea who this was when I first saw this, but after seeing the Rimmel ad everywhere, it’s shocking to see how much they have actually changed her face! I have to say, after seeing ads like this, I have to give serious kudos to Makeup Forever for going photo-shop free! What do you guys think, too much?

images credit styleite


9 Responses to “What Happened to Zoey Deschannel?”

  1. Way too much!!!she’s so gorgeous-she’s a proper little Indie chick and she looks like a plain Jane on the ad….Rimmel have done themselves a disservice there!Xxxx

  2. that doesn’t look like her at all, it’s kinda unsettling! the real her is prettier!

  3. Yes it’s way too much , and ur right she’s no where near recognizable

  4. 4 Amrah

    it’s too much. she is beautiful without the photoshop, she’s a natural beauty!!!

  5. 5 Lamya

    Waaaaay to much…. Makeup ads r juat going crazy on Photoshop… I was watching fashion police and the comments on how much Photoshop was used for Kate winslet ads of “lancome” u really cant recognise her… !!!!

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    I don’t know of her.. but these images look like two different people…that’s when you know they’ve went too far.

  7. 7 Rawan

    oh wow i didn’t recognize her at all!!! she looks totally different from the real her. Isn’t the beauty industry going a bit over board with the photoshop? it’s a bit much if you ask me.

  8. 8 Jim

    It’s so weird, we published this image (except the background was different) sometime in Dec 2010 and nobody noticed that it was heavily photoshopped. Perhaps because nobody realized it was actually Zooey Deschanel! Even we didn’t know it was her!

  9. 9 Nicole

    This is crazy if you didn’t tell me who this was I would never have known, this really upsets me! Love her hate the over photo-shopped picture.

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