Not Getting Your Comments!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Guys!!

I’m so upset, but I got an email from a girl this week asking me why I wasn’t approving her comments! She even copy and pasted some of them and they were really sweet comments that I would definitely want on the blog! Unfortunately, I have no idea where her comments are going! I think they may have been spammed for whatever reason and that’s why I’m not getting them:( My spam is deleted everyday because I get a lot of really annoying advertisements on the page, but I’m not sure if that’s where they are going. So I am soooo sad that I am not getting everyone’s comments! I approve almost all comments unless they are attacking someone, if they swear, or are just offensive in any way, but that really barely happens, so most comments are approved. I want you guys to know I’m so upset that there is a glitch going on, and hopefully I will be able to fix this! There really isn’t too much WordPress support, but hopefully I can get some type of response! I love you guys and I appreciate all of your comments and support!!



10 Responses to “Not Getting Your Comments!”

  1. 1 SOUADE

    I sent you a comment to have the number of the make up for ever mat velvet you use cause i have the same skin colour and i always buy the wrong colour, but i get no answer from you darling…..
    Love you Huda and love your blog, Tu es superbe cherie!
    Souade from Paris

  2. 2 Lama

    hahahahah i love ur photo! u look beautifully shocked! i love ur blog huda!
    thank you and keep it up 😉

  3. haha i love the photo too!!

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    I love you too 🙂 silly but cute photo lol

    • 🙂 Xxxx

  5. 6 Munira

    Hii babe love your blog i’m also a natural beauty remedy and product junky haha. Help does anyone know where i can find a beauty blender sponge in Dubai.
    XOX 🙂

  6. 7 lulu

    Yeah me 2 I never get your reply! but its OK:)

    • Baby! I’m so sorry

  7. 9 D.

    hello huda , you are the best!
    i want your advice pleaseee: can you recommand a good highlighter? i love the kim k`s cheeks and i want the same effect. I wait for your sugests

  8. 10 Tala

    Hey Huda, first let me start by saying how much I looove this blog. I visit it during the weekend to check all the updates you have posted throughout the week. I’m pretty much like you; I am a make up freak. My friends think I have the “youtube disease” because I keep on watching make up videos on youtube when I should be studying, haha. Anyway, I was wondering if you could post a makeup video of different looks for this spring, both everyday yet used for formal looks. I also have a question, what mascara do you use? I tried the MaxFactor False Lash Effect which worked out great, but your pictures show that you use a stonger product. What do you suggest? Thanksss babes, mwahh.

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