The GuY-Factor | Stop Hair Fall!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I get a ton of guys telling me that behind closed doors, they actually really like reading my blog and watching my videos. I thought it was kind of funny, but I personally think it’s essential for men to take at least some care of themselves, specifically their hair and skin (I’m not saying they need to tweeze their eyebrows like they belong on the cast of Jersey Shore, but a little TLC really helps)! So guys this is for you!

I realized the other day that my husband really doesn’t pay too much attention to the shampoo he uses and pretty much uses whatever I have on the top level of our shower caddy. Now that would be perfect if we had the same hair cuts, but we definitely DO NOT! While my shampoos focus on root to tip, sometimes mostly on the ends and nourishing the hair itself, that is really unnecessary for men, mainly because men cut their hair on average every 2 weeks (basing this on my husband and his friends).

That being said, the main focus should be the roots, after all one of the biggest perks to all that testosterone is the unfortunate hair loss that can happen at super young ages. I don’t think it has to be a bad thing, but it’s crucial to take the right steps to ensure that as little hair as possible falls starting with the right shampoo! Not too long ago, a beautiful friend of mine came back from a trip to London with an awesome shampoo (which I found in Dubai at most pharmacies) called Klorane. The shampoo, with quinine and B Vitamins is perfect for thinning hair and is great for men who are looking to treat hair loss. I actually use this every once in a while to make sure my hair isn’t thinning too much (I actually noticed my hair got thicker), and it really helps! I also do try to eat as much Omega 3 as possible, which also helps BIG time! Remember guys, unless you’re dying, bleaching, and not cutting your hair, focus on the roots!

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4 Responses to “The GuY-Factor | Stop Hair Fall!”

  1. 1 Attia

    My darling Huda… thinks of every 1. May u be blessed. Love 🙂

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    I have really suffered from hair loss, and sad to say it lowers my self-esteem very much. I wish my hair could be normal like everyone, but it’s not. When I was younger my mom was obsessed with keeping my hair long, and I was actually never allowed to cut it, which I think it led me to have thin hair. I am now 20 years old and all throughout my teens till this day I have thin hair, and it continually falls, when I shower. I honestly don’t know what to do… I went to the dermatologist like 3 years ago and he just told me to take pills because I might not have as much protein in my body as I should… I also never went through with the shots I was supposed to get just because people told me it doesn’t work, and of the ridiculous price. I know hair loss could be from many reasons, for one it could be genetically, my parents don’t have the best hair but they aren’t young and when you grow you loose it, they haven’t had thin hair at my age and that confuses me. Hair loss could also be from depression and I stress myself out way too much, I’m not sure how to change that… What I know is, I took a trip back in 2008 to Europe for a month and I noticed a tremendous difference in my hair, It was so much healthier. I was told to try Biosilk thinning treatment shampoo and conditioner I did once but stopped… I have no clue what to do, any suggestions?

  3. 3 Mariam Al Qubaisi

    I have been reading your posts recently and they were interesting. I do have a problem with hair lose, because I have dandruff. I’ve used many types of shampoos and setelled on Body Shop’s Ginger Shampoo. If you can please help me, my hair is thinning and I used to have long thick hair, just tell me what products to use. My hair has dandruff and get oily very fast, thank you so much!

    I ❤ Huda ~

  4. 4 A.A.A

    Great .. Guyz you should try Vichy shampoo it is amaaaziing .. BELEIVE ME

    you will find it in the Pharmacy also


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