Victoria’s Secret Model Scary Thin?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

While Victoria’s Secret has been known to use models on the curvier side, it seems one of their latest Angels has been making headlines for things other than her good looks. Candice Swanepoel recently debuted a thinner than usual figure. After looking at pictures of the model, it honestly looks like she has a very small frame, but she definitley looks thinner than her usually petite frame. Regardless, the South African beauty is causing a stir of rumors about Victoria’s Secret–everything between eating disorders being promoted at the lingerie giant to possibly getting the boot for her extra-thin bod has been talked about, but who really knows. Candice did tell People magazine that while she appreciates the concern, she’s “happy and healthy”. Either way, I think it’s really healthy that it has been an issue the media has brought attention to!


15 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret Model Scary Thin?”

  1. 1 Najla

    Is she sick .?

  2. 2 andrea

    I think she is hOoooooooot, what a waist!!!!

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    she doesn’t look that bad to me.. she still has curves I think her body type is just different

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    I think she looked better before too skinny is not cute

  5. I must agree with you Huda….When i saw the photo that is taken from the front, it really scared me, she is too thin! We South Africans are born with curves!!! Don’t know what happened to her!?

  6. 6 Rawan

    no way, she’s soo not healthy. Her frame is waaaaay off balance compared to her fellow partners in the pictures. I read that she said, travelling makes her stressful and so she can’t eat much when stressed. forgetting NOT to eat is one thing but blaming it solely on stress is another. She needs be careful, Victoria Secret’s models are known for their curves and are always careful not to send a bad message to the public.

  7. 7 Mary

    Yes, compared to the last VS show she became a lot thinner. Anyway, I think she doesn’t look bad BUT she should get her juicy curves back!

  8. 8 Rita

    Seriously! i look like Candice Swanepoel right now.. after the car accident i lost weight.. i weight only 101 lbs and i’m 21 years old.
    I’m getting sick and tired of people telling me to eat.. I EAT but can’t gain weight. I have a fast metabolism, so what am i supposed to do now?!

  9. 9 R

    I think if anyone is scary thin in that photo it’s Alessandra Ambrosio. Candice has a better shape and I mean look at her butt, it’s curvalicious! I think her abdominal area is really small making it seem like she is scary thing, but if you look at her thighs and arms, they look healthy. I have a huge crush on Adriana ❤

  10. 10 zainab mirza

    I think she is not soooo bad…She defintely is not looking sick or anything, just a little skinny…still has curves. I think everyone cant have the perfect body and some people are just born that way. She def is not scary thin!!!

  11. 11 Mariam Al Qubaisi

    Eeeeh..too thin…

  12. 12 riA

    hey Huda:)
    i’m a fan of Candice Swanpoel. i think she still looks healthy. She has one of the best curves among the VS models, the models themselves said so. Maybe she is simply one of the people blessed with the face & the body. The alarming thing is how far would people go to achieve such figure (excessive dieting, purging, etc)

    btw i soooo love your blog.
    keep it up girl! ❤

  13. i was looking at the exact same photograph and thought “Damn, those girls are way too skinny! I don’t remember them THAT skinny!”
    they are stick and bones!

  14. 14 flore

    She obviously has had some surgery : look at the scars on her thights (curvalicious for a reason, I believe this is a very common practice in Brasil for example) and her coastal bones… she’s had them removed for sure, which is common practice for Models.
    She is not natural and for me that’s a pull-off.

  15. 15 Holly

    I’m not really sure how I feel about how she looks…What I did notice is Adriana hair. She is my fav model of all time, but hair makes her look a little scary in these pics!

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