Woman Can’t Close Eyes After Too Much Surgery


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think sometimes people can be a little ridiculous when it comes to plastic surgery, especially when they’ve had, oh, I don’t know, 30 procedures or so. I guess it comes as no surprise that there might be complications that arrive as you make your transition into the plastic world, but many times those consequences are hard to live with, and sometimes, sleep with. A New Jersey woman is now sueing her doctor for what she claims to be negligent surgery. I’ve said this before, I am not against plastic surgery. It’s a personal decision, but I just prefer very natural changes that keep you looking fresh and soft. I think he definitely should have warned her of the risk, but she definitely went a little overboard! What do you guys think?

image credits sleepapneafacts


2 Responses to “Woman Can’t Close Eyes After Too Much Surgery”

  1. 1 hessa

    This woman is mad..

  2. So sad, the surgeon should have refused to operate. I don’t think the doctor is to blame but she obviously has insecurity problems.

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