Woman with the Most Plastic Surgery in the World


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If I thought of a woman who overdosed on plastic surgery, she definitely would not look like the woman in this video. I’ll admit, Cindy Jackson actually looks decent, especially considering she is 55 years old. She’s had everything done from face, to hand and knee procedures. It seems crazy and she might look good, but keep in mind, when she moves her face, you can see what has been nipped, tucked, and pulled. In my opinion, she looks good for 55, but she looks like a barbie, I think she has erased any character out of her face and she looks a bit like a mannequin. What do you guys think? Does she look good?


8 Responses to “Woman with the Most Plastic Surgery in the World”

  1. 1 dana

    i must say she loooks pretty goood for someone whos had that much surgeries and is 55 years old.. !

  2. 2 Schez Kahn

    So much pain for a beauty???….No….No….No….

  3. 3 Patima

    to me she looks fine for her 55….

  4. 4 sophie

    Her story is famous, she spend her fortune in order to look like Bridgette Bardot.
    i believe she kind of succeed. she looks nice, i believe her surgeries were a success but every age has its beauty.

  5. 5 Renren

    “to look natural”? isn’t that an oxymoron given that there’s nothing about her natural?

  6. 6 nono

    She looks like someone from hollywood. So now im wondering how much they’ve done.

    She looks beautiful, but i wish she had more expression.

  7. She is more pretty now than she was before! She looks younger than she did when she was actually younger! Idk how I feel about it. Honestly if I had the money, Id want to get some work done. Not that much but some. So idk. she doesnt actually look crazy like some ppl who do this look.

  8. 8 Zaza

    I like that part Interviewer : you’re messing with nature. She replies : nature messed with me !!!! Come on look at the picture of her face during her ”transformation” painful. All the chemicals stuff in her body …

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