Bobbi Brown’s New Ultimate Foundation


By Huda Heidi Kattan

This really sounds too good to be true! Bobbi Brown has decided to create a foundation that takes lightweight coverage to a new level. The Beauty Mogul has formulated the new Extra Repair Foundation that is a fusion of her famous Extra Moisturizing Balm + Foundation that delivers coverage while giving you that perfect complexion. If you’re looking for a dewy, yet smooth look, then this foundation seems to have all the answers! In the short time this product has been out, it’s already received rave reviews!  I can’t wait to try this!

image credits refinery29


8 Responses to “Bobbi Brown’s New Ultimate Foundation”

  1. 1 mika

    Huda have your heard if it is oil free?

  2. 2 Amanda

    Omg I’m in luv with the silk creme I can imagine how great this will be. Thanks Huda you’re the best;)

  3. 3 Alia

    where can I buy this from…

  4. 4 Manal

    Do you know if it’s matte or not? Love this brand but never used their foundation

  5. 5 Patima

    You are the best Huda and all your posts are great and helpful!!!
    would you be able to tell where can i buy it,pls….

  6. 6 vuska

    this is good for dry skin

  7. 7 sara

    Another great lightweight foundation is chantecaille its available in boutique 1 and it looks very natural on.

  8. 8 reem

    seems amazing!
    Give us ur review when u try this

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