Victoria’s New Disfigured Ad!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Unfortunately not everyone is the master photoshop genius, and it seems that the people at Victoria’s Secret may have someone who failed anatomy. One of the last photos to appear on the site was an interestingly buff looking Candice Swanepoel. Honestly, I can’t imagine how much photoshop she actually she needed! Just goes to show that natural is always better! This picture looks so odd, I don’t know how it made it through to the site!

image credits styleite


3 Responses to “Victoria’s New Disfigured Ad!”

  1. Huda,

    The photoshop work doesn’t make sense, I would probably understand it more if we got the original shot.

    Natural beauty!, girl

  2. 2 chica

    omg !
    giant shoulders 😛

    i went to check the VS’s website & its there !!

    i work on photoshop & im no expert 😛 but the photoshoped areas are sooo obvious !

    thnx huda i check ur blog daily ( more than once each day lol )

  3. 3 bee

    HAHA!! I’m a graphics editor….i can see what they were trying to do….they pull the image contours out so the can “re-define” them, but someone forgot to put the final image up…they’ve uploaded a work in progress!! Just goes to show eh?? Just be comfortable with who you are cos even the skinny minnies aren;t considered “perfect” else we wouldn’t be getting paid to Photoshop! 😛

    PS: Here is a pic of the same model in a similar position…i can see a faint line around her right arm where they’ve “skinnied” her up…….. these graphics editors need to be sacked!!!

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