MAC’s Newest Collection–Quite Cute!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love when MAC comes out with these adorable new collections and this one definitely takes the cake! The collection is super feminine and perfect for Spring with colors like pastel purple, pink, and green. The color palette is perfect for Spring and a great transition into summer! I really can’t wait to try the collection, especially the lipstick and gloss! One things for sure, the collection will be sold out quick, so make sure you stock up on any favorites!!


8 Responses to “MAC’s Newest Collection–Quite Cute!”

  1. 1 LuLu A

    Alaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love them!! any idea when they’re gonna be in the market?

    • 2 MiMi

      Love this collection, definitely one of the best…
      It’s going to be available in Dubai on 20 May.
      check out swatches of the collection on my Blog

  2. Where do you use the purple one? is it eye shadow or powder?

  3. 4 Fatma

    I’m so in love with this collection! Got two lipglosses and blush last week. SO beautiful colors.

  4. 5 shivani

    OMG an absolutely must have! Can’t wait to get my hands on the collection!

  5. 6 Yuna

    Heyy huddaaaa:( please answer please….:(
    What is your haircolor?I would like to have this hair color  )
    As you tend to your hair?”envy”
    Lg yuna

  6. 7 D.

    i want your advice pleaseee: can you recommand a good highlighter? i love the kim k`s cheeks and i want the same effect…

  7. 8 Kayla

    This collection is amazing !

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