Kimmy’s Booty Secret


By Huda Heidi Kattan

We may have assumed that Hollywood is full of celebrities that are genetically blessed in all areas of beauty, but the truth is, they are great at making it look that way. And while the bodacious Kardashian clan may have admitted that they have more curves than the average celebrity, the media has gone into a frenzy (as usual) when Kim Kardashian stepped out a couple days ago in NYC, exposing her spanks. Ok, so it might have been an accident, if they help keep things in pace, them I’m sold!

image credits zimbio

19 Responses to “Kimmy’s Booty Secret”

  1. 1 Mimi el

    Went to high school with Kim. We were all wondering were this bum came from…one we never saw in high school. Now we know, she gets a little help. Boobs were always big though.

    • 2 Zaynab

      So she didn’t always have this Huge derriere???

      • 3 NOURA

        nope ! there are pics of kim kardashian bak in the days and she doesnt have a big behind! i think they r implants ! coming from a country were almost everyone has a big booty i could recognize a real one from a fake ! just sayn!

  2. 4 nono

    Her bum is obviously fake. The bottom leg ratio is way of and when you see pics of her in her sporting gear it is very noticable.

    She is still beautifull though, and spanks are always good under tight clothes.

  3. 5 Thaj

    Her bum was real around season 1 and 2. When she lost weight it disappeared for such a long time, I was shocked looking at her pics and when watching season 3. Although, all of a sudden, her bum looked EXTRA huge, so its obvious that she got it done after losing a lot of weight. Either way she has a body to-die-for and is gorgeous. Love her <3!!!!!

  4. 6 hello

    I also thought her bootie was enhanced in some way. The person who went to hs with her, was her personality just as fake? I always seem to think she is fake and lies a lot

  5. 7 Mariam S

    OK…her butt looks abnormally huge in this photo. It’s not even attractive! It looks like a deformation. I don’t understand what the spanks are doing though. Holding a fake bum in place??

  6. 8 umm

    Fake people get fake butts.

  7. 9 Angela

    The shoes disterb me more than anything…is it just me or is toe cleavage unatractive?? I love the shoes, but when half the toes show, it just doesn’t look very nice to me..

    • 10 Dewy

      Toe cleavage is actually suposse to be super sexy

  8. 11 Mary Monroe

    I love kim, but when it comes to her derriere I think it’s just way too big and disgusting, it’s not cute to have a butt so huge it looks deformed, especially when she went nude in silver for a shoot.

  9. 12 Sarah

    I am not liking what people are commenting on this blog, honestly why do we care if her butt is real or not? I know were curious but its not right to just dish about a person like that even if they are a celebrity. They are human first like all of us then they are celebrities. Were just talking from what we see on the media. The purpose Huda put this up not for us to talk bad but to give us an idea on how to have a nice bu-dunk-a-donk! So lets all be nice here!

  10. 13 R120

    While not right, It’s human nature to judge. Not that big of a deal to speculate about a celebrity. It comes along with their territory. Doesn’t matter why Huda posted this, the picture is comment provoking, good or bad. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

    • 14 Sarah

      It’s human nature to judge YES but is it right? NO.

  11. 15 R

    I am a thin person but when I wear body con dresses I ALWAYS wear spanx to even out all the curves. Kim needs it, especially that her butt is bigger than average and in Keeping up with the Kardashians we can clearly see that she needs spanx, lets not lie, all women need spanx especially when wearing such a tight body con dress (excluding stick thin models). Spanx don’t give a butt actually, they just tighten it, they don’t add extra booty.

  12. 16 sabrin

    such a disapointment!
    i have a big booty and i always looked up to her because i always admired her curves and how she iimbrase them, but now i jusst feel dispointed to know it is just fake !!! sad

  13. 17 nach

    what about her bikini pictures are those fake too!!! she is wearing spandex to not jiggle lol.

  14. 18 portia

    haha i agree with nach!! so many people are ready to blast celebs and kims behind is clearly real, check her out in a bikini and you’ll see! yeah she’s wearing the spanx because she has a bodycon dress on and fair play to her! i would wear them too if i was wearing such a figure hugging outfit! J’adore Kim ❤

  15. 19 R120

    Ok sarah, it’s great that you don’t judge or comment on people. Fact is, majority of people do. Majority rules. Under this post is a “comments” section. Not a “good comments” section.

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