Models Too Skinny?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ribs sticking out, arms sickly thin, and collarbones clearly protruding are typical in many fashion ads. As much as we may or may not like to see them, every once in a while you run into a model that looks like she has skipped a meal or ten. We’ve all heard of the models who eat cotton to suppress hunger, but most of these actions and subsequent appearances are now looked down upon. Well, a few seem to have made it through the cracks! The Telegraph has reported the latest ad released by fashion label Miu Miu to be too skinny for the public. Many people have raised their voices saying that the model in this ad is too skinny and does not look realistic. I’m not sure if I completely agree with this, but I definitely think this is an issue that should be discussed! Do you guys think the model looks too skinny?

image credits huffpo


One Response to “Models Too Skinny?”

  1. 1 KaraLynn

    She’s skinny but I’ve seen worse adds. A friend of mine is probably about her size and she is just naturally skinny like that. Trust me I’ve seen the girl inhale a burger and fries like it’s no ones business…. I personally think curves are more attractive, but u can’t always knock the skinny girl.

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